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  1. M

    Essence - fragrance WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ??

    hi everyone! i'm confused about the difference between essentiel oils - essences - fragrances? i found in a small shop an ESSENCE of orange blossom but i'm really confused if it is like an EO or a FO.? i'm developing my lip balm recipe and when i use EO on it the scent disapear in 3-7 days so i...
  2. soapmage

    Dandelion Salves

    I love all things dandelion. I eat them, pickle them, make tea to drink with them, and now I've added soaps and salves using them! I make no claims obviously to the public, but I'm here to tell just you all that this salve has been a God-send for my son's rash. I have to give props to the...
  3. S

    Should I make more then just soap?

    Should I be making more stuff then just Goat Milk Soap? Like balms, scrubs, etc? If so, what are some good things to start making? What sells best?