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  1. jillybean6692

    Balm gone bad? Troubleshooting

    Hi all! I made this body balm a few weeks ago and it looks like it's gone bad. I'm thinking it's condensation from putting the lids on too early but I'd love to hear your thoughts too! Is there a need for preservatives with this type of recipe? Ingredients: Unrefined shea butter White beeswax...
  2. DeeAnna

    Lip Balm need advice !

    The stronger odor and dark color of the beeswax most likely means you are using wax that has been mostly harvested from brood comb (the comb that bees raise babies in). Wax from brood comb is not something you want to use in lip balm, in my opinion. If you want wax that smells better and is...
  3. A

    Yay whipped butter.

    A few weeks ago I made some hard skin/lip balms that my mom and dad loved. My dad especially because he works at CAT and his hands get a little dry from the machinery and gloves and what not. I love it because my eczema is hard to treat and those balms do great things especially at school since...
  4. S

    Hair balm

    Does any one have a good recipe for hair balm? One that is great on frizzy hair but soaks in fast and I can add herbs to?
  5. T

    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and this will be my first post. Maybe a little controversial of a topic for some of you, but I am a medical marijuana patient and I apply the use of marijuana concentrated oils into balms/gels for therapeutic use. It is great for pain, and does not get you "high"...