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  1. S

    Smell :(

    My soap does not smell good!!!!! None of my oils are rancid, they are brand new, and no matter what I add to it it does not smell better! Do I need to put a ton of essential oils in the soap to cover up a base smell that does not smell very good or is there something wrong with my recipe? I use...
  2. H

    Trying to fix a batch

    Hi everyone! I tried HP for the first time. I made a basic soap of 80% olive and 20% coconut. I made the same recipe as a CP and it turned out wonderful. The HP batch smells a little weird though. I scented both batches (the earlier CP and my recent HP) with lemongrass EO but did not put as...
  3. Rick Nelson

    Spoiled Olive Oil?

    I couldn't find this topic using the search function, so I'll put it out to the forum. I'm new to soap making. I wanted to make up a few batches to give to my friends and family, so I purchased larger than usual quantities of oils. I bought 6 liters of olive oil, which came in two 3 liter...