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  1. G

    Getting rid of sheep tail tallow's smell

    Hello everyone I have rendered some sheep tail tallow using this method But unfortunately I was unable to get rid of the strong smell. I tried to make liquid soap with it using 45% tallow with 1%superfat but the smell was too strong. Any help is appreciated.
  2. TheNurseMade

    Bad customer service

    Ordered Fresh Ginger from Natures Garden...smells like garlic. Won't be using it or the company again... said they have no problems. Thank goodness I only ordered 8 oz. $10.00 down the drain!
  3. Sihir

    The lingering stench

    For whatever reason, I only recently got into non-water soaps. I made a coffee soap and a beer soap, and I'm having the same problem with each. They smell baaaaddd! Like scorched chemicals. The first (coffee soap) I did not chill the coffee whatsoever (and used 100% coffee as the liquid). In...