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  1. Anstarx

    Honey Avocado Soap

    I made a batch of avocado soap last winter and loved it as facial soap ever since. It was a tiny batch with only 4 bars and I poured way too early. I decided to revamp it this year so I can use it for winter this year and hopefully my online shop will be ready by then. Avocado puree: water 1:1...
  2. MySoapyHeart

    Avocado oil: It`s official, I`m sold!

    Sorry if this gets long, but I am elated! After testing avocado oil in several of my soapbatches now, I am hereby officially declaring this oil pure awesomeness in my soapy stash. I made a thread earlier (here) but wanted to make a separate thread since that one asked for recipe feedback...
  3. M

    How do you account for Avocado Puree in CP Soap?

    I'm looking at doing an Avocado Soap using Puree. What I'm not sure about is the way we account for the avocado. Do we net out some of it's natural oil and water properties against the recipe oil and water amounts? I'm thinking about using it as an additive and netting out some of the water...
  4. seven

    Fruits Galore!

    The yellow/orange one is mango and yogurt, scented with fresh mango from bb. Next one is avocado-green tea. I kinda like soaping with fruit purees, i might do it again. A bit nervous about the green tea, since my previous experience ended up with a yucky brown colored soap. I didn't use much...