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  1. JoeyJ

    Blue or coloured EO experience, please

    I need some advice regarding the use of coloured essential oils and their properties in cold/hot process soap. I am wanting to use Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil in my next lot of soaps. Can anyone share any experience of using this oil or or other coloured essential oils, please? Does...
  2. KimT2au

    Southern Skies Soap Supplies, Australia

    Hi all Having searched the forum I can see that people were asking about Southern Skies back in 2011 but no one had dealt with them. Sorry to be a pain but I am repeating the question 7 years later, has anyone dealt with them? I sent them 2 emails neither of which were answered, their ebay...
  3. Daniele Barresi soap carving

    Daniele Barresi soap carving

    Sydney based carving artist, Daniele Barresi. Soap carving. Website:
  4. reneelouise

    HELP! Any one have a recipe using these oils?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a tried and true recipe for a soap using the better priced oil that I have access to here in Australia. Does any one have a recipe using olive, canola, rice bran, sunflower and/or coconut oils? I'm trying to keep my percentage of coconut oil low due to the ridiculous...
  5. H

    Soap Supplier AUSTRALIA

    Hi there, I live in Sydney and I found my online wholesaler along with a lot of other rather expensive online suppliers. Can anyone recommend a good wholesale who supplies soap making products in AUSTRALIA? Thanks Hepzi