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  1. lyschelw

    Little Sale for you. 5% off select bath and body

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to give this wonderful community a little something extra. 5% off on New products. Sale ends Tuesday April 30th 2019. Use code "NEWBATH2" at check out Enjoy incredible products! Most are organic! Some are Fair Trade. We are very excited to add these to our line at...
  2. T

    What are the benefits of Argan Oil in CP Soap

    Hi there, I have been asked by a potential stockist if I could make a soap with Argan Oil. He says my soap is moisturising but he wants it to be even more moisturising with the addition of argan oil. I think he just wants to be able to use it as a buzz word to increase sales. I was...
  3. Meltiongson

    My Dream Soap Recipe

    Hey everyone. Im just a newbie in soap making world and I really need your help on formulating my very first soap recipe. It includes shea butter, cocoa butter, emu oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and goats milk. Please guys, can anyone help me? :sad: this is...