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    Comparing Zinc Pyrithione vs. Flaxseed Oil as antibacterial agents in soap industry

    Hello everybody. I’m trying to compare bar soaps sold by two CPG companies. One of these uses ZPT as the main antibacterial ingredient while the other uses Flaxseed Oil. I’m trying to understand how these compare in terms of: - antibacterial efficacy - cost (not exact numbers obv, but rough...
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    Antibacterial Soap

    Good morning, everyone, I have a challenge. We are a small charity improving water quality in small remote villages in Uganda. We would like to introduce hand-washing into the schools that we work with. Since the water supply typically contains bacteria, we'd like to teach the villages to...
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    Odor eliminating soap with no after scent - ideas?

    Does anyone have any additives or recipes for soaps that eliminate odor and keep odor away (both body odor and any soap scents?). I know baking soda is a good odor absorber but IDK how it fairs as a soap ingredient as it is a base. I would think anything anti-microbial & anti-bacterial that...