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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Bad behaved yellow. Yellow / brown to mask DOS?

    Why is the rich yellow color from annatto fading so strangely in S38? The color of both bars started out being homogenous and with the same intense yellow. (20% of oil was infused with annatto seeds at 1 g seeds to 1 g oil before seeds were strained off.) However, the color of S38 is fading in...
  2. serene_caprine

    Coloring Soap/Staining

    Hello! I have been making goat milk soap for a short while now and I am getting tired of the dull-brown color I usually get from it. I have concocted a new recipe and I assume if I keep it in an ice bath (while making) and then in the fridge (while curing) I will have a much lighter color to...