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  1. Something witty

    "Shot glass" molds are in the mail...

    And I got a fun idea for a soap... I already have a bunch of other mini drinks (soaps) planned. Your classic iced americano, blue slushy, maple frappuccino. I even bought some cute paper straws for them. So a nice Soju summer cocktail would fit the vibe nicely 😊 I'm excited to test this...
  2. C

    Aloe Vera liquid vs juice

    Hi! I’m wondering the difference between aloe liquid is and aloe juice? I want to make sugar scrub cubes with Shea butter and aloe but Idk which product to purchase. I’d like to try and make a dupe of the Harper + Ari because I love their consistency and texture. If anyone has any tips in that...
  3. DeeAnna

    Growing aloe...

    So I live in Iowa, USA, where the climate is too cold to grow aloe as an outdoor plant. I have several potted aloe plants, but the leaves are small. It would be difficult to harvest larger amounts of gel from these plants to get enough to make a decent batch of soap or other aloe-based product...
  4. F

    Aloe Juice & other additives in Lotion

    Hiya! Have started playing around with emulsified lotions and have a whole jug of aloe juice - am wondering how it is in lotion? Does it make it sticky? Also - can you use something like coconut milk in lotion? Are there special steps beyond heating & holding you need to do prior to...
  5. P

    Liquid Aloe Oil Soap

    Does anyone have a recipe for liquid soap made from aloe oil? I've made liquid castile with olive oil with success. I am trying sweet almond today. How different is aloe oil in the process of saponification than the others? Any help is greatly appreciated!