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  1. deebop

    almond milk soap is sticky? day 3!

    Im kinda confused!! this is my 6th batch of soap. i've done goats milk, and water based. the other day i went to the store and couldn't find any fresh goats milk so i opted for almond milk (unsweetened) just to try it out. so i used the Lye calc on brambleberry. the usual amount of coconut oil...
  2. Lissa Loo

    Sweating soap/ just poured

    I tried to make a face bar last night. I used store bought almond milk and fresh goat's milk. My recipe used sea clay and I read on a blog to add water to it before hand. Well, I didn't have distilled on hand so I mixed it with a tbs of Deer Park. I checked on it after 2hrs in the freezer and...