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  1. K

    Allergies anyone?

    Has anyone on the Forum experienced or heard of experiences of customers, or even suppliers, of allergic reactions to soaping oils, FOs or colorants? I developed an allergy recently (that I thought was shingles but doc says it’s allergy—thankful). Going to allergist to get tested. I only use...
  2. A

    Yay whipped butter.

    A few weeks ago I made some hard skin/lip balms that my mom and dad loved. My dad especially because he works at CAT and his hands get a little dry from the machinery and gloves and what not. I love it because my eczema is hard to treat and those balms do great things especially at school since...
  3. EricaKemp

    Can I remove the glycerin from my CP soaps?

    One of my customers has expressed that he has an allergic reaction to glycerin. I have never heard of this before so it sounds a little strange. I've heard that I can boil the soap in salt water and strain off the soap curds that float, but during what point in the process would this be easiest...
  4. mcdonaldjs

    Certified Gluten Free MP Bases?

    Hi, I have celiac and have to stay clear of any products that have gluten. I have been amazed at how many manufacturers add gluten in one form or another to soaps, shampoos, lotions and even toothpaste. Does anyone know of a good melt and pour base that is certified to be gluten free?