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  1. CaraBou

    Lifetime supporters seeing ads?

    I've noticed there is now an ad at the top of all forum pages. This surprised me because I thought my lifetime supporter donation bought me out of ads. Do I need to adjust a setting?
  2. Kelly Frizzell

    HELP, is there a tutorial for how to navigate the forum?

    I have a few questions: 1. I often seem to get lost on this forum. Sometimes when I log in, I can see/find what I am looking for and other times I cannot. I just spent about 20 minutes (OK, I am just guessing on the actual time - but it feels like that long, or longer) trying to find the...
  3. Techie Joe

    Who puts advertising into our posts, and why were mine deleted for it?

    I normally block annoying ads because I pay for my resources and I want sites to load quickly, so if there are normally adverts on a page I'm not aware of them. I was recently blocked from a thread and my posts deleted for advertising a product, so I arranged another way to view the thread, and...