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    What's the "saponification value" of honey?

    I've made a few batches of soap with honey as an additive (60 grams per kilo of oil). I noticed the soap is a bit slow to set, and the soap residue in my equipment was a bit oilier than usual. So, I got to thinking, honey is acidic so it probably reacts with lye. I tried removing the honey as an...
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    Bergamot FO vs. EO - staying power and additive questions

    Hi all! I'm new here. I just made my first couple batches of soap and I'm hooked. Next up, I want to try Bergamot in an attempt to make an 'Earl Grey' type tea soap. :) I absolutely adore the smell of that tea and I'm hoping to capture it in a soap. I've only ever used EOs up to this point and...
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    Incorporating flame colorant into candles

    I am trying to reverse engineer the process by which candles with colorfully burning flames (green, red, etc) are BEST made. What I mean specifically by best is that, having tested a few available products, I noted that quite often the result is underwhelming, with the colorful part of the flame...