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  1. saponizer2020

    Lye pocket or glycerin rivers?

    Hello, recently I made activated charcoal soaps scented with Vanilla FO, after I unmold and cut it I noticed some weird lines on the surface of the soap, are these lye pockets or glycerin rivers?
  2. S

    Does all charcoal soap make grey lather and has black leave-behinds?

    I made soap with activated charcoal and to test it, the lather was grey and had some black charcoal powders being left in the sink. It was easily washed off but my concern is, is this normal? I haven't used charcoal soap before (store-bought ones) so I have no idea if the professionally made...
  3. ZandarKoad

    Charcoal Soap Pics

    Well here's the batch during cutting. It looks great, but I do think it will end up bleeding black all over. It's OK, all these are being given away as gifts. Hehehe! The more I read about it, the more I like Activated Charcoal.