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  1. Salsa780

    Benzoyl Peroxide in Soap Bar

    Hello everyone! I’m wanting to make a good, acne-fighting soap bar. I’ve read up on the benefits of benzoyl peroxide in killing acne-causing bacteria, and I know it can be purchased as a powder. I also have super dry skin (especially in winter), so I’m thinking I’d like to use goat’s milk...
  2. F

    Facial Soap for Acne and marks (Help my daughter)

    Hello moms, I'm a mother of four girls here in the Philippines, and I've been really bother about my eldest daughter's acne, she's now 20 years old and she's suffering from acne since her 16. I've been following this group for a year now reading stuff if i got time and would...
  3. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Does Bentonite Clay Feel Abrasive to People with Sensitive Skin?

    I realize that I definitely do NOT have sensitive skin as I barely notice the presence of slight granular exfoliation while people with sensitive skin start screaming otherwise. I want to make a soap for someone with excessively oily skin that is also sensitive and acne prone. Is such a person...
  4. MellonFriend

    The Search for an Anti-Acne Soap

    Once I get some basic recipes under my belt, I would love to try and find a cold process soap to make for my sister who suffers from acne, face and body. She has loved charcoal soap in the past so I definitely want it to include charcoal, but other than that she doesn't really have any...
  5. H

    Soap is making me break!

    Hi everyone, I have encountered a huuuge problem. My last batch of bastile soap has made my face break out horribly. Please, help me by pointing out what could be the proble . My recipe: 312g pomace olive oil 88g coconut oil 31g castor oil 10g s.almond oil 63g lye 63g of water 10g...
  6. S

    What about this recipe for acne soap?

    Coconut oil - 20% Olive pomace - 20% Palm oil - 55% Castor oil - 5% ------ Superfat - 5% Clay - which is the best? (green, blue, red...) - how much / pound? Charcoal - how much / pound? EO - which is the best? - how much / pound? Other additives? What about honey? When to add clay, charcoal...
  7. cursivearts

    Tips on Facial Soaps?

    I've gathered some stuff from searching past threads, like what clays are best for what, but a lot of the information seems to differ and I have yet to find any recipe suggestions, but maybe I am missing something. So a few questions: How much clay ppo do you like to use? When you use EOs...