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  1. SaltedFig

    SMF October 2018 Challenge - Travel Soap!

    This months challenge is ... Travel Soap! How many times have you gone on holidays and wanted to take your own soap with you? Or walked into a public restroom, to be faced with an empty liquid soap container, or a bar that you probably don't want to be touching ... or nothing at all (just water...
  2. toxikon

    Sept 2018 SMF Challenge - Carved Soap Designs Entry Thread

    This is the Official Entry Thread for the Sept 2018 SMF Challenge - Carved Soap Designs (Intaglio). Please post your entry soap photos here. You may introduce your entry as desired, with a backstory or description of your soap, recipe, fragrance, experience with the technique or process also...
  3. toxikon

    Sept 2018 SMF Challenge - Carved Soap Designs!

    PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules) - General Rules: 1. The only members eligible to vote are those with their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not you have submitted an entry. 2. This month’s voting will be password locked. Passwords will be PM'ed to...
  4. SaltedFig

    Pi Day, 2018

    Today is Pi Day, celebrated each year on March 14 ( pi = 3.14 ...). Today is Pi Day and Stephen Hawking is gone. Circle complete, 14 March 2018 https://www.sciencealert.com/stephen-hawking-published-solution-black-hole-information-paradox-died