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  1. The_Phoenix

    Irish Spring Clone

    FYI, NG's Australian Bamboo Grass FO smells a lot like Irish Spring.
  2. The_Phoenix

    It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

    I’ve given some thought to closing my business. Most of my business comes from website sales, which is not as robust this holiday season as it was last year. The biggest roadblock to increasing sales is people’s reliance on liquid body wash. I stopped posting on IG because I found that the bulk...
  3. The_Phoenix

    "best by" date for palm oil?

    Palm oil is a fantastic cooking ingredient. I made a batch of homemade panko crusted chicken tenders and used palm oil to deep fry. Same with halibut fish fry. Blew my mind. I’ve since also used it for roasting potatoes. I’m super curious to see how it performs in pie crust. I know that doesn’t...
  4. The_Phoenix

    December Un-Challenge - Retry

    1. ResolvableOwl - Time to restock mustard oil and revisit butterflies! 🦋 2. The_Phoenix - I enjoy these UNchallenges. 3.
  5. The_Phoenix

    SMF Challenge November 2021 - Rainbows

    I didn’t enter the challenge. But I did make a rainbow-inspired soap.
  6. The_Phoenix

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I photographed and wrapped an obscene amount of soap. I swear both chores took up all of my weekend but it was necessary. Particularly proud of this photo of washcloths that I’ll be selling on my website. 😂🤣
  7. The_Phoenix

    SMF Challenge November 2021 - Rainbows

    I didn’t enter the challenge but I did make a rainbow soap. Totally by coincidence, like @violets2217 I also made a rainbow soap inspired by Nest Soapery, the nest drop whatever. Had been meaning to make this design and the rainbow challenge seemed like a good impetus. I’ll wait to post until...
  8. The_Phoenix

    EBB Patchouli Honey

    Right? Life is so weird. Soapmaking has become that friend I always have at the back of my mind, intending to call. I send the random check-in text "How are you?", or squeeze in an hour or two for a phone conversation. It will always be there, a faithful hobby/craft/business/creative outlet.
  9. The_Phoenix

    EBB Patchouli Honey

    Thank you @AliOop! It's going VERY well. Definitely a challenge to find time to make soap. I am more deliberate with the soap I do make, though. How are things with you? 100% settled into your new home?
  10. The_Phoenix

    EBB Patchouli Honey

    It performed perfectly. I did experience a bit of weeping, but left alone during the cure t reabsorbed.
  11. The_Phoenix

    EBB Patchouli Honey

    Oh wow. I LOVE this fragrance. Slightly sweet and herbacious/woodsy. A keeper!! Patchouli Honey
  12. The_Phoenix

    I'm so new to this

    What does “natural” and “safe” mean to you?
  13. The_Phoenix

    A little bath bomb help? Not fully hardening?

    Sounds like @glendam and I use the same-ish recipe. I keep isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and use it to moisten the mix. I also use cocoa butter, which acts both as a binding agent and skin conditioner.
  14. The_Phoenix

    SMF October 2021 challenge - Entry thread (butterfly hanger swirl)

    Congrats @ScentimentallyYours @dibbles and @Cat&Oak ! Beautiful soaps and great use of the technique.
  15. The_Phoenix

    Additives and Lather (Bubbles)

    Thank you for sharing this experiment. What a fun project.
  16. The_Phoenix

    Body soap vs. Face soap vs. Hand soap

    I use whatever for whatever. I do like my 50% lard recipe for my face. But I also love that same recipe on my body. Similar to @violets2217 I’ve stopped using liquid dish soap to wash dishes and use bar soap (scraps of soap and such). Any recipe will do, honestly.
  17. The_Phoenix

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    @Jersey Girl I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I’d wondered why you haven’t been on the forums much. 🥰❤️
  18. The_Phoenix

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    This was a fun challenge. My entry was my one and only attempt. But I can see me becoming obsessed with this design. The fun is really having very little expectation of what the cut will look like. If I have time this weekend I want to do another one but with a drop swirl just for fun.
  19. The_Phoenix

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    @The_Emerald_Chicken Beautiful soap! Do you like Bali Breeze? I’ve considered purchasing it a few times.