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  1. lyschelw

    70% Off Organic Coconut Oil 76F - Overstock - Very Limited.

    We need to move cases of Coconut Oil 76F. Over-ordered. No room! There is a finite number and when they are gone they are gone at this deep discount. Discount is good on a case of Coconut Oil 76F Numbers are limited and sale will end when limit has been reached. Sorry, no rainchecks. If...
  2. lyschelw

    Natural Vitamin E on Sale - 20% off - 3 days only.

    1oz, 4oz or 16oz of non-GMO, natural Vitamin E 20% off Sale ends 9/4/20 at 11:30pm or until supplies run out. No rain checks will be given. Use Code at checkout - VitE20% Let me know if you have any questions :)
  3. lyschelw

    Sides and bottom of soap turned orange! Why?

    Hi Everyone, I am pretty new to soap making. I have only made about a dozen batches of soap and I have now had my soap turn orange on the sides and bottom (where it touches the mold) twice! The first time I was making a lot of mini color testers. I ran out of molds and used a red silicone...
  4. lyschelw

    LIVE Soap Making Journey today at 4pm central

    To try and keep things as normal as possible I will be going live today in my Soap Making Journey. Not in keeping with normality l will probably be very unprepared as I am having trouble concentrating. But we will do our best! See you at 4pm central on Instagram...
  5. lyschelw

    25% off new butters and oils. Candle Cocoon.

    NEW Soap, Bath and Body products! 1 Day Sale! Get 25% off any of the new products! We don't even have the pictures up yet! Limited Sizes. NEW products include; Mango Butter Avocado Oil (Virgin Organic) Jojoba Oil (Golden Organic) Castor Oil (Organic) Kokum Butter Babassu Oil (Organic)...
  6. lyschelw

    Going LIVE for Soap Making Journey. Today - 2/21/20 4pm central. You are invited. New Give-Away

    Today 4pm central - Going LIVE for beginning Soap Making Journey. You are invited. Today 2/21/20 4pm central New Give-Away will be announced.
  7. lyschelw

    30% off Coconut Oil For Soap Making Forum Members

    Use code MakingSoapCoconutOil30 Candle Cocoon Organic RBD Coconut Oil is fully refined and naturally deodorized and whitened without harsh chemicals. Natural clays are used in the "bleaching" process. Liquid...
  8. lyschelw

    Going LIVE for beginning Soap Making Journey. You are invited. Coupon Code for you.

    Going LIVE for beginning Soap Making Journey. You are invited. Would love to see some friendly faces there. Will give you code in the video.
  9. lyschelw

    Join us today at 4pm on Instagram.

    Hi everyone! I will be doing a "Tree" Candle Making Tutorial today at 4pm Central. It will be live on Instagram. I know I haven't had a lot of time to be around the forum lately but I am still a sponsor of this wonderful place. And I know that a lot of folks have wanted to see the tree...
  10. lyschelw

    Argan Oil 10% off! Ends Friday June 14th

    For you my friends! Virgin and Organic Argan oil now 10% off for a few days only. Use code "10%offArganOil" Candle Cocoon
  11. lyschelw

    3 Days Only! Organic Tea Tree Oil on sale.

    Tea Tree oil has so many uses! My new favorite is bug repellent! I am sure you all have a fav use :) 10% off Organic Tea Tree Oils. Use code TeaTreeForMe10
  12. lyschelw

    Little Sale for you. 5% off select bath and body

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to give this wonderful community a little something extra. 5% off on New products. Sale ends Tuesday April 30th 2019. Use code "NEWBATH2" at check out Enjoy incredible products! Most are organic! Some are Fair Trade. We are very excited to add these to our line at...
  13. lyschelw

    Sale on NEW organic (some Fair Trade) butters, oils, etc. ENDS FRIDAY April 12th

    10% off on New products. Sale ends Friday April 12th 2019. Use code "NEWBATH" at check out Enjoy incredible products! Most are organic! Some are Fair Trade. We are very excited to add these to our line at Candle Cocoon! Visit US!
  14. lyschelw

    Case of Organic Coconut Oil only $80! Reg $125.95 Ends This Friday at Noon

    Organic Coconut Oil Case (44lbs) Only $80 with code usage! Use Code "OrganicCoconut" at check out.
  15. lyschelw

    Gallon of Glycerin!

    Need a gallon of glycerin? Or maybe just 2oz? Or 550lbs! Well we have it! Made in the US 100% vegetable glycerin! Order a gallon and get a FREE 1oz Candle Cocoon FO. Good until Dec 3oth 2018. Just write your choice in the comments section and say you saw it on soapmakingforum!!!
  16. lyschelw

    Happy Holidays to you all! This was a fun creation!

    I was making some Winter Woodlands Whisper for the store the other day and came up with this fun tree design. Happy Holidays to all!!
  17. lyschelw

    What do you think of a biodegradable bath bomb container?

    Hello everyone! I am looking to bring clear bath bomb and individual melt containers into my line that are 100% plant based biodegradable. The only thing is that they would look like condiment cups. The good news is that they would only be about $.50 each. Wondering how people would feel...
  18. lyschelw

    Adding lots more Special Order products to the website. Super low prices!

    In addition to our own custom crafted Phthalate Free and no filler scents and other candle making supplies we also sell all of Crafter's Choice products. We have certain stocked items in our inventory and we have just started selling Special Order items!! We can get anything that you want from...
  19. lyschelw

    Check out the new "Wave" wick!

    I am very excited to introduce our new "Wave" Wooden Wick! We are having an huge Pre-Sale! Order now at more than 50% off the regular price. Wicks will ship once they get to us (any day now) and sale will end!
  20. lyschelw

    Small and Large PET clam shells on sale!

    Clam shells for melts. New small size available in addition to the large size. Now 100% Recyclable PET! Also, new lower prizes. Made in the USA! Get 10% off until April 30th 2018! Put clam shells in cart and use code "10clams" at check out.