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  1. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    Donkey is addicted to that ball. If we are in the house, she usually has it close to her and offers it to me several times a day to play. She may be sad in the picture, but she's also spoiled! She's one of those dogs that, at 5 years old, has just learned that relaxing is not the end of the...
  2. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    Thank you and I've not heard of the mineral oil trick before, I'll give it a try! Thanks
  3. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    I've made recipes where I added salt to match the oz of oils used (100%), but this one I only added around 50% salt to oil ratio. It was less than I usually put into my salt bars.
  4. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    That is definitely something I'm looking forward too! I currently live in a very "breathable" old house in Houston where the humidity is usually > 50%, sometimes up to 75% inside regardless of A/C. The salt bars on the rope sweat like crazy after I dug them out of the mold. It has certainly...
  5. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    It's not the same bar. I haven't taken pictures of the cut Irish Coffee bars yet.
  6. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    I've been making soap for a little over a year now. So I thought I would post some of my creations. Still learning A LOT, so while the soaps usually work well, they don't always look as pretty as I imagine they will. Technique, technique, technique! Love the SoapMakingForum! As soon as I'm...
  7. Jenn Lee

    EDTA, soap, you, and the environment.

    Yes, also a great summary! Thanks for the information. I haven't been using it in my soaps, but had recently purchased a small amount to experiment with not knowing anything about the environmental effects because it's so ubiquitous. Sometimes the things we use most really are not great and...
  8. Jenn Lee

    HELP! Soapmaking Calculator

    I switched from soapcalc to soapee recently, just used brambleberry calc when I was visiting my mom who wanted me to help her make some soap. I like soapee the best, but it's still lacking a few things that were also mentioned above. I like to have nice, discreet places (that I can print on 1...
  9. Jenn Lee

    Random Picture thread (non-soap)

    My cat, Grasshopper Joe, and my dog, Donkey, cuddling on a cold night. They're so cute and sweet together. They Kung Fu fight in the house sometimes and it's hilarious to watch.
  10. Jenn Lee

    Bourbon & Fig Bar

    Ha, guess I should have done a little more reading before I put so much in. Although, I bought this at the grocery store on a whim and when I opened it, I didn't notice much of a smell. My Neem Seed Oil smelled a lot more. I kind of like the gentle nutty smell of the Neem, myself. I guess...
  11. Jenn Lee

    Your favorite exfoliating add ins

    I made a facial soap with 3 layers. On the outside, I put in a small amount of ground cardamom seeds and I love it. The lightest layer has the ground cardamom (and the soda ash).
  12. Jenn Lee

    Bourbon & Fig Bar

    Morning All! I wanted to share a picture of some CP soap I made last weekend. I really like how the colors turned out and, currently, it smells great. I wanted to try a soap with no Olive Oil (OO) so I subbed Rice Bran Oil and put in a lot of butters to try and make a hard, creamy bar...
  13. Jenn Lee

    Recommendation for good notebook

    Here are a couple depending on what styles you want:
  14. Jenn Lee

    Recommendation for good notebook

    My favorite notebooks are made with stone paper. Literally paper made out of rocks! They are a little more pricey than regular paper, but the feel is so smooth, the pages are harder to tear, and you can write on them in the rain - water has no effect. I've found a few at Target before, but...
  15. Jenn Lee

    Rehab the hair (or how to get away from lye based shampoo)?

    Hello again! I feel like we may be twins! I also have waist-length hair (that I just got trimmed, phew!). I have very oily skin and before I started the co-wash, I had to wash my hair daily or it was just gross. I love the co-wash, it's the best thing I've ever done hygiene-wise other than...
  16. Jenn Lee

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the extra camping/showing info! I haven't made the paper soap yet, but you can buy the paper that disintegrates when it gets wet. I haven't made any yet, but I live in Houston and I don't relish camping in 100+ degree heat and humidity, so I'm waiting for some 90 degree weather...
  17. Jenn Lee

    Hi there!

    Welcome Szaza! Like you, I've been stalking the forum for a while and only started making my own soap at the end of last year - so almost a year in now! My biggest "customers" are all the people I know who are interested in trying my soaps. I don't sell. I also started with the idea of...
  18. Jenn Lee

    Looking for Ashwagandha Essential Oil

    Thanks for the info, Rune. Hope you keep fighting the good fight! Living with anxiety is a constant challenge.
  19. Jenn Lee

    Help making beautiful swirls in CP soap

    Excellent suggestions! I do own the hanger tool from brambleberry, but I saw some folks using chopsticks so recently I have been using that. All my books show vertical swirl tools, so I've been copying the books and getting it wrong every time. Videos, don't even know why I didn't think of...
  20. Jenn Lee

    Fragrance & Essential Oil Supplies

    That is a very good reminder, Dixiedragon! Thank you. Also, I wanted to try out the Bay Rum. I have also been looking for a whiskey scent as a blender. I even put some Crown Royal in a cp soap hoping just enough of the scent might make it through, as an experiment, but as I expected, it did not.