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  1. bridgetmoon

    Newbie needs help at etsy :)

    Hi All. Wasn't sure which section to post this in, i'm not promoting either. So i have been open now since Feb and since then 3 sales :( can any one tell me honestly if my shop sucks or any thing bad with this that could effect business...
  2. bridgetmoon

    My First Lavender Cold Process Soap Batch! (cut pics added)

    Hey Everyone. As promised, my first cold process soap batch mixed with Coconut Oil, Unrefined Lavender Oil, Palm Oil, and a a lil bit of shea butter :) Comments welcome :)
  3. bridgetmoon

    Bath Melt Problem!! lol

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since i been on here but i been working on bath melts lately and the problem is, they're made from: Shea Butter Coconut Oil Palm Oil Lavender Oil + Lavender Seeds and liquid dye. So I popped them in the fridge as per usual. Took them out, thought i'd leave them...
  4. bridgetmoon

    Just Soap . co. uk

    So yesterday, I knew what i wanted but websites galore to pick from. So I came across Placed my order yesterday about 7:30am and got it this afternoon using DPD. Very happy with the products. I must admit, I work at fed-ex and shipping products raw like soap. I was worried...
  5. bridgetmoon

    Vanilla & Rose Petal Soaps

    Now, This, i thought i'd give it a go. And sure enough think I now understand why the soaps are hard to get out of the container as seen below. But mmm this will smell nice!
  6. bridgetmoon

    Swirly Soaps

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows how to create these swirly soaps, like mixing too colors bit like mixing ice cream? I have not tried it yet but i can only image you need oil colors to mix in the soap? Or is it just cold pour? :(
  7. bridgetmoon

    Photo Photo Camera!? Which best camera?

    Hi Everyone. Wanted to find out if any of my fellow soap makers has found a good camera to take pictures with. I've tried Iphone 4GS (My phone is rubbish!) It takes great pictures but doesn't get the detail that i'm looking for in the soap and thats at 4-5 mega pixel! Please advise if you...
  8. bridgetmoon

    Silicon Molds - Why are the soaps sticking!

    Hi. I'm a little confused, when i first made a bar of soap with the original kit it came with. It was fine :) 2 nights ago, I thought i'd be adventurous and make Lemon & Honey soaps, and even after 2 hours of being in the fridge, wouldn't come out. Partner took about an hour to get out...
  9. bridgetmoon

    Soap Batch - Bubbles?

    Hi. Just wanted to double check, i have noticed on my first few soaps I have got a few bubbles. just wondered if this is bad in any sort? :wave: see picture below
  10. bridgetmoon

    Any Type of Moulds?

    Hi. Just wondering i'm i'm able to use different molds e.g bread tin? Will the soap be OK or just it need to set in certain types of mold e.g wood, silicone or just tin?
  11. bridgetmoon


    Hii Everyone! My names bridget, I'mm quite new, hoping to start a business venture to aid the income, yesterday i brought my first soap making kit. (Wanted to see whether it was worth it) Made one bar and tested it today equals very happy! Hope to share my ideas and tips along the way...
  12. bridgetmoon

    Soap Making Kit Vs Raw Recipe?

    Hi Everyone. So yesterday, i went out and brought this kit which was easy and i made a bar of soap within 2 hours. The soap part was already made...