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  1. K

    What happened?

    OK, I get that the forums have a new look, but why can't I view or join in on some threads? I get a message about it is time for an Upgrade, and price boxes to pick from. I can't see any of the Challenge threads. Can someone enlighten me? Kiti
  2. K

    Un-molding Ease

    I don't know where I read it on the forums, but some Soapers are having difficulty with the un-molding phase of the soap. I was doing a deep dive on YouTube and found a lady who said she freezes her soap after it has set up, so the fancy designs on her soap don't get damaged. The soap...
  3. K

    An interesting thing about me

    Most don't know too much about me, so I thought I would give you a bit of background. October's Challenge was a bit hard for me, because I an a professional Actress, and work in a Haunted attraction here in Philadelphia, PA. My season is only 21 to 24 days long, but they are brutal. Last...
  4. K

    No Zap on Just Made Soap?

    I made 2 loaves of CP. soap high in Palm Oil. I zap tested on from each batch and the test was negative. I know what to feel for, but am wondering if the high PO made for fast cure soap. One of the soaps has Oatmeal Powder added in at trace. Has anyone had this experience?
  5. K

    Proofing Olive Oil

    Many soap receipts call for Olive Oil, but how do you know your Olive Oil is the real stuff? Yes, there are some fabulous fakes out there. I have found that the true Olive Oils will "ice up" when placed in the Fridge. That is to say, it will become cloudy and a very firm gel. I proof one or...
  6. K

    Can I get some insight, please?

    I bought Potassium Hydroxide instead of Sodium Hydroxide and did not catch the mistake until I made a batch of CP shampoo bar batter. It riced and I was stumped at how to fix it. Question, Can I re-melt the batch and mix in some of the correct lye? This has sat for a few days now.