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  1. DessertGuru

    How can you avoid inhaling Lye fumes?

    Put on a vapor mask and don't put your face over the container.
  2. DessertGuru

    Weight labeling

    Karen's usually do that to find someone or something to complain about. I'm surprised she didn't ask to speak to your manager. But in all seriousness you can do average weight of a random sampling per code. You take 10 to 20 bars, weigh them and use the average but it must be indicated on your...
  3. DessertGuru

    Powered Caffeine Usage in CP Soap

    We purchased 2 lbs of the 100 fold powdered extract to use in energy bars and we have some left over. Thought about making a bar soap and lotion. It's a great nutraceutical. As for a cosmetic purpose, caffeine is used as an active compound in anti-cellulite products because it prevents excessive...
  4. DessertGuru

    Powered Caffeine Usage in CP Soap

    Here's a question out of left field... Does anyone have any experience using pure powered caffeine and adding it to a cp soap formula to make a caffeinated soap? Specifically - I want to use - The Caffeine Powder is...
  5. DessertGuru

    Formula Help Request

    Ooo.. never thought of Litsea Cubeba. thanks for that suggestion. that would help with the clean, citrusy scent I'm looking for. Thanks. @lsg
  6. DessertGuru

    Formula Help Request

    would adding in some tea tree, peppermint, and lemon oil affect? I could use Tamanu Oil in place of Hemp Oil if the hemp oil is going to be a problem.
  7. DessertGuru

    Formula Help Request

    Hi... Total newbie here and need some direction on making bar soap formula using the following ingredients. We're currently making a lip balm using these ingredients and I would like help to translate them into a workable formula to make a bar soap. Can someone offer any suggestions on a...