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  1. Candybee

    Fragrance - How Many?

    Trying to keep my scents down is not always easy. What works for me is how many can I successfully restock as needed and what scents work with my business theme? I have a sea/beach theme soap, bath & body biz so I have ocean/sea/beach type scents along with classics, fruit, florals, clean, etc...
  2. Candybee

    Which OO works best for your soap as per your own personal experience?

    I find my favorite is regular olive oil or what is sometimes referred to sauteing or cooking olive oil. Its a light golden olive color and feels good on my skin in the finished soap. I also like that it does not impart any off white or dark color in the soap batter like of the EVOO's or pomace...
  3. Candybee

    Weirdly Great Show

    Congrats on your show! I love it when you still do good at your show even though the weather has turned out nasty. I am on my 2nd Eurmax tent. Been using Eurmax for about 7-8 yrs now I think. Used to have Ez-up tents that were more fragile and ended up repairing or replacing struts over the...
  4. Candybee

    Lotion Making-Hydrosol Substitute

    Relax, there's no such thing as a lotion recipe "requiring" a hydrosol let alone a specific hydrosol. As jusjacqui mentioned simply sub for distilled water or another liquid. If you desire a botanical in your lotion you can always use a botanical extract. You can still get the benefits of a...
  5. Candybee

    Fatty Acids (FAs) Profiles

    My favorite is soap high in linoleic. I do have to watch my numbers thou as too much can bring on DOS. But man oh man does it feel good on my skin. My favorite is simple sunflower oil, not the high oleic one.
  6. Candybee

    Using Colloidal Oatmeal

    I've used baby oatmeal, colloidal oatmeal, and even my own ground oatmeal. I find I prefer oat flour the best. Colloidal was too expensive for a product that is simply 100% oatmeal, my ground oatmeal was too scratchy no matter how much I ground, and ground, and sieved, and baby cereal was, well...
  7. Candybee

    Paraben free preservative for sugar scrub

    Thanks for getting back to me. I really want my scrub to be paraben free and was fairly certain that either Germall Plus or Opthiphen Plus would be okay but it really helps to get another opinion.
  8. Candybee

    The 4-letter game

    giant rain storm coming PICM
  9. Candybee

    The word association game

  10. Candybee

    Paraben free preservative for sugar scrub

    Looking for an alternative to phenonip for a sugar scrub recipe. I have Optiphen Plus and Germall Plus. Would one of these work?
  11. Candybee

    It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

    I started my soap biz in 2005 so I have been at it for a number of years now. I can tell you that several times over these years I would get into a rut or burn out period that would last for weeks or months. It happens and its normal so don't beat yourself up about it. One of two things can...
  12. Candybee

    Interested in trying a syndet bar

    Is this a recipe she is selling? Does it use a M&P base? Just curious. Would be interested if it is a made by scratch only and not M&P.
  13. Candybee


    The dry ingredients in my facial scrub are hand milled grains. Remember the Japanese Washing Grains from the Body Shop? They used 100% milled adzuki beans. Mine is similar but I also add a dry foaming agent and a couple other dry ingredients. Because my business has a sea theme I also add hand...
  14. Candybee


    If its an anhydrous, all oil or all dry powder formulation if it will be in contact with water you should include a preservative. For example, if you are selling sugar scrubs I would definitely put a preservative in. If its for personal use you could exclude it, but how long will it sit on a...
  15. Candybee

    Conditioner bar recipe with BTMS-50

    I am also formulating my recipe for a hair conditioner bar. Most recipes I found use BTMS 50. I have both 25 & 50. They are similar but not the same. This is a concern to me because BTMS 50 in my bars makes the price for a bar go up to $15-20 a bar. I am trying to keep costs down as the final...
  16. Candybee

    Cetyl alcohol

    It's an important component for solid hair conditioner bars. Works as a thickener and hardener but also helps with texture (feel) of the bar and stability of the formulation. Also, just a heads up, unless you have something specific in mind to use it in, save it. I read on ITDF that there is...
  17. Candybee

    are there any effective digital ph testers?

    I would like to find one that is good mostly for measuring liquid ph levels. Some of the more expensive ones I found are professional laboratory grade but hoping to find one somewhere in the mid to lower level price range that can give me an accurate read.
  18. Candybee

    are there any effective digital ph testers?

    Was checking out digital ph testers on Amazon and wondered if any are worth the money. Don't want to use strips cause they aren't reliable. Thanks.
  19. Candybee

    What are good oils to use in a lotion recipe?

    I've used the HO sunflower before and didn't care for it as much. I like the regular sunflower because its high in linoleic acid which is what makes my skin so soft. The HO sunflower is high in oleic of course which is also nice but the two oils just don't feel or perform the same for me.
  20. Candybee

    What are good oils to use in a lotion recipe?

    Sunflower oil is one of my favorite oils. It really makes my skin feel so soft. I use a small percent in some of my soaps. If it weren't for the low shelf life stability I would use it. Maybe I will still try it in a test batch for personal use.