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  1. Aline

    Question re Day-Star Soap Supplies

    Aloha, I order on a regular basis from Day-Star and this month I placed my order and it's been 16 days with no package sent and no response to emails! Anyone know if the owner Stacy is having problems? Thanks! Aline
  2. Aline

    Rebatching advice sought!

    I have some pretty hard soap I want to rebatch and I'm seeing wildly different recommendations about how much liquid to add. A couple of articles suggest 9 oz water per lb of soap and I realize the amount will depend on how hard the soap is but this sounds like an awful lot. Also, a lot of...
  3. Aline

    Wholesale Supplies Plus - need to gripe

    Until a few months ago shipping to Hawaii and Alaska was not free but pretty much at cost (via USPS) and we got a 20% discount to offset the 'free' shipping that other states got. Then for a brief period of time they offered free shipping to us (and shipped in flat rate boxes, which I had...
  4. Aline

    Soap that is hard on the outside but soft inside

    I bought a some soap from a vendor recently and cut it in half only to find that although it is very hard on the outside, it is really soft inside, and presumably would not pass the zap test :o So I am curious: do some people 'fast cure' their soap so that it seems hard/cured (and retains it's...
  5. Aline

    Wholesale Supplies Plus End of Year Sale

    Haven't seen this advertised yet. Anybody hear about it? I've got my shopping cart loaded up and ready to go....!
  6. Aline

    Fragrance Oil Garage Sale: Sweet Cakes, WSP, Nature's Garden, Save on Scents.

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. You must have at least 50 posts on the forum before purchasing from me (thanks!). Please IM me...
  7. Aline

    Lotion Bars - what percentage FO and EO do you use?

    I see recipes listed at 2% for FOs and approximately 1% for EOs. I realize it depends on the FO or EO in question but just wondering what folks here use? I use 1.3 - 1.5% FO for the thick lotion that I make but I realize solid lotion bars may need a bit more than that. ?
  8. Aline

    Wholesale Supplies Plus Having ANOTHER Sale!

    30% OFF FLASH SALE - 10 Popular Fragrance Oils: (one pound sizes only) Almond Sandalwood Patchouli Bay Rum Nag Champa Beach Type Black Amber Musk Barber Shoppe Black Tie Sands of Morocco
  9. Aline

    Business Activity Code for Taxes - which do you use?

    I have always used 'Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies and Perfume Store' but am wondering if there is anything more appropriate for someone who makes and sells B & B products? What code do you use? Thanks!
  10. Aline

    Anybody have WSPs Gardenia Lily?

    I really want to try it and was too late to add it to my latest order so I'm wondering if anyone has some and would be willing to send me a little sample? I have a ton of FOs myself - from WSP, Sweet Cakes, Bramble Berry etc so I can return the favor if interested (or I can just send you a...
  11. Aline

    Wholesale Supplies Plus Sale - what time does it start?

    I'm guessing it will start at midnight but does anyone know what time zone that is based on? I know that they are in Ohio but I don't want to presume anything...
  12. Aline

    Wholesale Supplies Plus Sale - What to Expect?

    I remember hearing about a massive sale last year but I can't find out how much they discount their FOs? (even looked at their FB announcement for last year but there was no info). I need a few FOs and am wondering if it is worth waiting (especially as they will probably take a while to ship...
  13. Aline

    Sweet Cakes Aria by Culti - Totally Degraded :(

    I absolutely adore this scent but have recently discovered that the first 4 oz I purchased in August 2014 has totally degraded to the point of smelling quite unpleasant. Unfortunately I purchased a pound of it in November 2014 and this has started to lose it's beautiful scent too. I'm SO...
  14. Aline

    List of Companies selling Lebermuth FO's

    I already know about Symphony Scents (not all their FOs are Lebermuth but they have a lot. Now I can add the Chemistry Store. I did contact Bulk Apothecary and although they have taken over L's botanicals the girl I talked to said they don't sell their FO's but she is checking...
  15. Aline

    Planning to purchase Oregon Trails FO's - feedback?

    I am planning on buying: Tiare Blossom Pikaki Lani Floralissima Melia Nani Tuberose Elegance Baby Sweetheart Roses Tuberose Elegance Vanilla Bourbon (formerly Vaniglia del Madagascar) I will be using them for B & B, not soaping so scent is the only criteria for me. Any feedback?
  16. Aline

    Oregon Trails 15% off

    15% off until June 15 (or whenever they have finished their move to Idaho). I have never ordered from them before but a sample swap got me interested :)
  17. Aline

    Printing Discounted Shipping Labels from PayPal (with no purchase involved)

    Thought I would share this link for printing shipping labels from PayPal: You cannot access this feature by navigating within PayPal because normally you can only print a shipping label when someone has purchased from you via PayPal...
  18. Aline

    Digital Thermometer Recommendations

    I was thinking of buying a stainless steel thermometer from Elements Bath & Body but I found it on Amazon and the reviews were pretty bad. What kind of thermometer do you like & use? I will be using it for lotion-making mainly... Thanks! Aline
  19. Aline

    Elements B & B Reviews

    I have just looked at a lot of Fragrance Oil reviews at Elements Bath & Body and have not found a single negative one! A couple of 'it's OK' reviews yes, but not a single negative one! This to me is very suspect. I mean, even if their FO's are all fabulous, because scent is so subjective there...
  20. Aline

    Not impressed with Bulk Apothecary!

    I ordered a soap mold a week ago and they still haven't shipped it. Actually I ordered two but they refunded one of them (but didn't remember to refund the shipping difference). Also, my account says it was the Celtic mold that was out of stock but the email says it was the Nautical one.....:-...