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  1. Bann51

    HP coloring advice

    Vickymeja54. The world is your oyster when it comes to colors! Check out micas, natural colorants, plants, herbs. Do your research on YouTube, and this forum and see what people are using. post many videos on coloring. There are many companies that sell colorants. There are many...
  2. Bann51

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Did two HP soaps last night. One was a rebatch which was previously a CP soap. When I first did that one I realized, through resarch at this forum, that it I might have reached false trace. So I rebatched it. I was very happy with how it turned out. I'll post in the gallery tomorrow. I've got...
  3. Bann51

    Goat's Milk Conditioner - Alternative to Optiphen?

    Check your country's approved preservative list. UK has much more regs than we do in the US. I think they put out an extensive list of bath and body approved ingredients. I saw it once online. Check your UK bath and body sites. They will all list their preservatives of similar products that...
  4. Bann51

    Bath cupcakes?

    Try YouTube also. There are many how to's there also.
  5. Bann51

    White specks / spots in my cold process soap

    The first time I got them, I thought I did something wrong and I had to dump it. Fortunately, like you, I asked. It was a special batch for a wedding. I ended up rebatching and it came out great. I know now I hadn't heated my oils to a high enough temp, particularity my hard butters. I doubt if...
  6. Bann51

    College Kid Prayers

    I did get your message!
  7. Bann51

    Post your Gripe

    Gripping about the only product I would be able to make in my Florida home is soap. Haven't moved there yet, but it's my plan. Can't afford the license and a commercial space. Well, I'm retired, so maybe soap will be enough. Gives me time to do other things!
  8. Bann51

    Testing Extra Virgin vs Pomace Olive Oil

    Very interesting. I know 3 years later. Glad it stayed up. I've been wanting to do the same experiment. My Pomace is green from Soapers Choice.
  9. Bann51

    College Kid Prayers

    Can you send her first name, if thats appropriate? If not I'll ask it for Artemis' daughter.
  10. Bann51

    Florida Bath and Body Licenses and Regs

    Hi Earlene. I'm sorry I missed your second response to me. I only knew 3 Earline's in my life and 2 were related. Now I know of 4. Thanks! As for the water, the presenter said products that contained water, excluding soap, were regulated because water can be a contaminant. This is because it can...
  11. Bann51

    Florida Bath and Body Licenses and Regs

    Thank you Lin 19687 for your response. Thank you so much Earlene. I read them all. I also heard on the video that you do not need a license to sell soap in Florida. More than likely a business license. However, you do need a license if it is a cosmetic. In the two states I lived in, you did not...
  12. Bann51

    Does Anybody Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

    Check out Stacey, Yellow Cottage Soapery on FB. She is a YouTuber, however, she does not sell on FB. She has people email her. She doesn't sell online. Even if you dont have a YouTube channel, you can post pics and descriptions on your FB page. Her's is not a marketplace page. She's a great...
  13. Bann51

    Florida Bath and Body Licenses and Regs

    Hi. I plan on relocating to Florida. I make soap, body butter and bathing salts. Now I heard I have to pay through the nose if I make anything other than soap. I don't have to where I live now. I'm a very small soap maker. How do you all manage? I hear licenses are very expensive and regs are...
  14. Bann51

    Using SCI in hot process soap

    Well you have to decide if you want to make a natural soap or a commercial cleansing bar. I read the ingredients of SCI. It uses coconut and chemicals. You can create a natural soap without it. I think most spapmakers don't use it for that reason. Decide how you would like to define yourself as...
  15. Bann51

    coconut milk soap

    You can also warm your coconut milk to incorporate it better.
  16. Bann51

    Shipping bath bombs....

    As stated previously, it could be your recipe. Sometimes a batbomb could appear hard, but can break apart after handling. When I first made bath bombs that happened, but later I improved my recipe.
  17. Bann51

    What Are You Watching?

    Longmire - Netflix Vera -PBS Endeavour- PBS I love mysteries and crime stories. Was watching Killing Eve on BBC America. Didn't finish. She's sick! I'll go back, now that it's in reruns.
  18. Bann51

    Nag Champa FO

    I made Nag Champa from WSSP and it gave me a funky brown. I put in other colors with it and they looked funky too. I loved the smell but didn't not sell it. Maybe next time I'll use darker colors.
  19. Bann51

    Vanillan and Activated Charcoal

    You could give her a gift of a scrubbie with her order and suggest she uses that. A clear explanation of avc will probably insure she'll return.
  20. Bann51

    Paraben free, phthalate free?? Flavor oil & sweetener ingredient question

    Try They have natural flavors and sweeteners.