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  1. goji_fries

    Juniper Berry & Leaf

    Juniper leaf oil Juniper leaf distillate Juniper berry oil Ground Juniper berry into oil infusion Tecoma xochitl leaf Oatmeal flour (powdered to talc consistency, unnoticeable in color)
  2. goji_fries

    Nag champa blended well but...brown specks

    I made this Nag Champa batch about 24 hrs ago. Blended very very well. Smells amazing, the orris infusion adds a little creaminess. But it has a pinkish color on the outside like a cheese block and some brown specks. The specks may be from: Moroccan clay? Orris root? Aloe vera juice with the lye...
  3. goji_fries

    Mocha Biscotti & Geranium Chamomile Cedar

    Two of the newest CP creations. just cut. Due to high OO and Palm, they are still sort of soft. Ran out of chamomile EO so the spiral one doesn't smell exactly the same but I did a 3 hr hot bath infusion with 1/2 c ground chamomile in palm oil. The spiral came out pretty good considering that I...
  4. goji_fries

    Keeping recipe notes

    Do you guys keep all your recipes written down for future notes or critique and tweaking? I find writing them down and keeping notes has helped tremendously.
  5. goji_fries

    How many batches have you made this year?

    POLL | POLL On a scale of 1 to crazy where do you come in? :crazy: :oops: (21-50) :clap: :wave:
  6. goji_fries

    Smooth topped soaps

    Do you guys have much luck? I've read about squigees and pouring at a real thin trace. I;m sorta apprehensive of pouring at thin trace since I;ve poured at false trace and had a batch totally separate and leak all over me before :o. Eg. this soaper's tops are a work of art...
  7. goji_fries

    Backup tools

    Do you guys have backups? A few months ago a few SMF'ers mentioned having a backup in case something broke. I mentioned having two backup stick blenders (you know you do too). Well one broke today and so now I'm down to one back up.
  8. goji_fries

    Pine tar soap 10%

    Finally made one. Very cool :thumbup:. I made it at 10% but it smells sort of weak. I like strong fragrances maybe it'll be different when it dries and I use it in the shower? And WOW does the mix thicken fast when you stir in the PT, like less than a minute. What is your best percentage of...
  9. goji_fries

    Any known substitute for sodium lactate?

    I have read about this making HP more pourable yet I don't have any. Your brilliance is requested /
  10. goji_fries

    Anyone use hydrosols?

    In soaps or other products? I have some desert Juniper hydrosol I made and may use it in a soap. Your thoughts...
  11. goji_fries

    Average percentage of pine tar in your soaps

    POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL Also: any essential oils you favor more in a PT soap? Unscented rules?!?!
  12. goji_fries

    Finely ground oatmeal

    You guys ever used finely ground oatmeal in your soaps? If so, what is the consistency when the soap is completed? Is it soft and unnoticeable? Or is it slightly scratchy, a good exfoliant? I use semi ground oatmeal before. I want to make a good psoriasis eczema bar. (I know it doesn't cure...
  13. goji_fries

    Superfatting & curing times for Pine Tar soap

    Anything really different in your own experiences? Did you have to superfat less with pine tar? Were the curing times the same? Any oils work better in combination with PT for you? This scent drives me insane and I am reminded about making a batch or 10 but don't want to blow it. Thank you for...
  14. goji_fries

    Are the donuts okay?

    Are they alright?
  15. goji_fries

    How did you obtain the best alkanet color, IYE?

    I know there are a few different ways but what worked the best for you? :wave:
  16. goji_fries

    Brand soap, is it pressed or not? Where can one get a press?

    One of my favortie brands of soap is "Nubian Heritage" which is found at many health stores. I looked at one of there soaps yesterday since I am an official soap nutcase, and noticed it looked like a double sided mold was used. It has the feel of a commercially 'pressed' bar. Someone in...
  17. goji_fries

    Poll: What is your maximum percentage of coconut in a batch?

    How much is your absolute max coconut oil for best results in your recipes?
  18. goji_fries

    Poll: Which of the following is your least favorite when soaping?

    For me it is a tie between cutting out wax paper to line the mold and having to do a hundred loads of dishes afterwards. ***Poll added
  19. goji_fries

    Does your frozen goats milk turn orangey-yellow?

    Put some in the ice cube tray and it turned a orangey color. Have you had the same experience?
  20. goji_fries

    Type of candle wax that looks like Hot Process soap?

    I saw some high end candles yesterday that looked and felt like a rough HP soap. Anyone know what type of wax or addtives this may be?