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  1. SunRiseArts

    You know you have soapy brain when......

    You go into the grocery store to get milk or something, and come out with oils for soaping, and forgot the milk....
  2. SunRiseArts

    Mayan Gold

    Thank you all so much. The soap is not hard to cut. The MP pieces are not that big. But I used a soap cutter.
  3. SunRiseArts

    Coloring Question

    Pictures please!
  4. SunRiseArts

    Coloring Question

    Yes the color will smear and it will not work. There is a trick to do this though. You would need to mx your soap color with glycerin, and let it dry overnight, and then you can pour carefully on top, and I have had some success with this. The best idea I can give you, which I have done is...
  5. SunRiseArts

    Melt and pour just as good as cold process?

    Gorgeous I personally do not find them harsh, and way better than any commercial soap. I love how one can be very creative with MP, so I am a fan. They l also IMO retain scent better, and are great for gift giving.
  6. SunRiseArts

    Two simple soaps

    Thank you all! They are very simple. Just for home, so no much designing. lol.
  7. SunRiseArts

    First try at salt bars

    wow Dawni, I have never seen anything like that. Did you mix it well before you poured? I am guessing they are CP?
  8. SunRiseArts

    Two simple soaps

    Japanese Cherry Blossom Cedar wood Vanilla
  9. SunRiseArts

    Mayan Gold

    Thank you all! Yes the gold is MP. You do have to cut when the CP is a little harder, with a good knife :)
  10. SunRiseArts

    Mayan Gold

    A mix of CP and MP
  11. SunRiseArts

    New Stephensons Bath Butter vs Old Version

    I would use a stand mixer, personally. Not sure about crafters choice. My guess is look at the ounces?
  12. SunRiseArts

    Is this s lye burn?

    Thanks Shunt2011, is probably what happened..... I am sorry for the pic being fuzzy, I got of work nearly and midnight, and was making soap at 2 am, and did not want to wake my hubby. :) It looks like when you get burn with the iron. Is not so bad. I am putting medicine on it, hopefully...
  13. SunRiseArts

    Is this s lye burn?

    I did not even feel it, and I was wearing gloves and long sleeves.
  14. SunRiseArts

    Business insurance

    As someone explained there are insurance brokers. I prefer to deal with them because they have the ability to look at the whole market and give you the best quotes and company. I actually have a bachelors in business insurance, but is from a long time ago , and laws have changed, and I have not...
  15. SunRiseArts

    Business insurance

    I wonder what the original opinion is on here regarding insurance. I know we all should have it, and I have for 4 years, However, I have not been selling this past year, and policy is due at the end of the month. Money is tight, and I was thinking of doing away with it. The only concern I...
  16. SunRiseArts

    Post your Gripe

    Oh boy, I see that everywhere..... I do not understand the nastiness out there... Personally I buy nothing from Amazon, but not because of that, but because they have displaced so many local and small companies, and the reports on how they treat employees. I really do not like their...
  17. SunRiseArts

    Honey and coconut salt bars

    Thank you! I actually did both. I poured a little of melted honey MP soap before I pour them, and also painted the top.
  18. SunRiseArts

    Am I overly worried about lye?

    lol, I was obsessed like that too. It will pass. BUT never underestimate the potential risks. Make sure you ALWAYS wear protective goggles for your eyes, gloves, and long sleeves. Even slippers or socks. One time I had a little of the batch fall on my toe. Personally I think, eyes are of...