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  1. SideDoorSoaps

    My current charcoal collection and a total weird one

    I’ve been loving adding charcoal to everything - I have so much and it goes so far! Citrus Tea Tree - drop hanger swirl Mountain Man - Taiwan swirlish although I wanted a cosmic zig zag but it didn’t work out Lavender Confetti - using the Caglia method for the confetti and a chopstick swirl...
  2. SideDoorSoaps

    Not rendered Frozen Tallow

    I didn’t know where to post this question! But I use tallow for lye based soap so here it is. Not quite two years ago we had a cow butchered and I got the box of tallow to make soap. I ended up putting it in a bag and in the deep freezer it has been. I rarely opens the deep freeze so the tallow...
  3. SideDoorSoaps

    Freshest Soap in the World

    I ran across this blurb on a soap site I wanted to order from yet it seems kinda hokey: “developed a unique proprietary process for creating our hand crafted batches of soap. The process includes suspending the soap in a glycerin state with botanicals and essential oils never being exposed to...
  4. SideDoorSoaps

    Hard Water and need more slip

    I’ve been tweaking my shampoo and conditioner bars and they are nearly perfect! I think I need a little bit more slip, at least with the conditioner. I think the shampoo is good. However, I was thinking that not everyone has hard water like I do and maybe that’s part of the issue. I bought some...
  5. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    Has anyone tried this or made something similar? I think I'm going to whip up something for my son and husband. Beeswax, honey, almond oil and sunflower oil. Seems easy enough.
  6. SideDoorSoaps

    Wool wash and surfactants

    So I participate in a fiber festival every year and I’ve been asked a few times about wool wash. After doing some research on popular ones, Eucalan mostly, I noted the ingredients to be similar to shampoo bar ingredients. Particularly the Laundress wash with the listing saying plant based...
  7. SideDoorSoaps

    Joey Pouches

    So on one of the groups I follow, a lady posted this for those who knit or crochet to help with the devastation going on in Australia. these pouches are very easy to make. I have a stash of wool that I am going to make some...
  8. SideDoorSoaps


    I’m revamping my website so it integrates with my square to keep better track of inventory and sales. It’s hosted by Weebly and I actually already have a weebly site but I like the way the ordering works with squareup. My question is about listing products and choices. As a buyer, do you prefer...
  9. SideDoorSoaps

    This is not soap - syndet bar

    I came across this advert on Facebook and had to check it out for this product. Seems like the ultimate syndet bar they got going here for $26. A proprietary and moisturizing blend of sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut oil), stearic acid (from cocoa butter and shea butter)...
  10. SideDoorSoaps

    Charcoal face wash

    So I bought a ton of activated charcoal and I was thinking of making a liquid face wash with it. I’ll have some CABP that I have seen in some washes. I do have my own liquid soap base but the pH is 10 and just too high for my face. I want this to be anhydrous and it got me thinking, would the...
  11. SideDoorSoaps


    The other day a woman had lotion and offered it to another lady we were with and she declined saying she doesn’t use any chemicals on her body anymore and hasn’t used soap in over a year. She only washes with Norwex. Say what!? Norwex has these microfiber cloths that are supposedly...
  12. SideDoorSoaps

    Super creamy shaving soap

    After reading the epic posts about shaving soap and certain additives, I went about tweaking my current recipe, which my husband loves. He didn’t seem so impressed with my video. I slipped this sliver slice into his shave mug and hope he has a good reaction. I’ll know more tomorrow. We have...
  13. SideDoorSoaps

    My first mica line attempts

    I’m kinda meh on this soap - it’s scented with lemon verbena and colored with firefly and melon micas from nurture soap. I tried to make it more definitive but it’s so light. Kinda pretty. And I also tried to attempt a rimmed soap but my soap ended up being too hard to cut into thin slabs but...
  14. SideDoorSoaps

    Steaming Soap Ash

    Will a handheld clothes steamer like this work? One of my latest batches has the worst case of ash I’ve ever had on soap. I found it on a local Fb sale site for $5.
  15. SideDoorSoaps

    My First Ombré

    This is not the soap I had intended to make. I was actually first trying an in the pot swirl with some orange mica but after I poured in the mold I realized I was missing half my oils so back in the soap pot it went then I had to stir all my beautiful swirling together so I decided to try a wall...
  16. SideDoorSoaps

    Packaging destash

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. SKS packaging: 24 - 8 oz clear jars with white lined dome lid $10 24 - 4 oz bottles $10 19 -...
  17. SideDoorSoaps

    Burning Weird

    I made a couple candles and we’ve burned only one. It’s a 70% beeswax / 30% coconut oil blend. The scent throw hot and cold are lovely. I don’t know what size wick it is, I used one from a stash I got from a friend. The jar is one of those oui yogurt jars. Maybe my wick is too big? After awhile...
  18. SideDoorSoaps

    Rebatch Fail

    It’s been so long since I’ve rebatched soap. And to think I rebatched this batch twice. Now I have a crumbly mess. I knew when I poured the batter into he mold and only half the mold was filled that I missed an oil going in and then tried to make it up with the first rebatch. I thought it...
  19. SideDoorSoaps

    Lotion seperation

    I've been using the same lotion recipe for the last two years and for the first time it has separated! The only thing I did differently was use new fragrances that i ordered by request of my mom (jasmine, lilac, bamboo). Do you think fragrances can lend to separation of lotions? I can see a...
  20. SideDoorSoaps

    Reputable place to buy Nag Champa

    I want to buy the eo/absolute of Nag champa and when i google it, all kinds of options come up. I don't want the FO. Has anyone bought nag champa eo before? Thanks!