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  1. Stacy

    Craft Fair Notes (feel free to add)

    Got a notification on this so I thought I'd add to it with a few years of experience from doing shows regularly. I do multiple shows per week, but often I get to stay set up. I know this is an anomaly when it comes to markets so not all of this will be helpful. I have a "Go Box" which is a...
  2. Stacy

    I cannot belive I did this......

    I found that writing it down and triple checking helps a lot, but I try to do the same thing as i do when baking. I get all my ingredients out and put them away as I use them. It makes it fairly clear if I forgot something. It's not flawless but it's another level of double check that's...
  3. Stacy

    Fun With Palm!

    Glad I could help. As for the zombie thread thing... people are fairly easy going here. The thing you have to remember is that this board has a LOT of visitors (way more than you ever see post or log in). Information and membership changes over the years so bringing up an old thread can make...
  4. Stacy

    Fun With Palm!

    I stopped making smaller tubs simply because of the volume I make these days. I make my master batch recipe around the 5L pails I buy. When I was doing this, I would either leave it in the sun in driveway or if the weather wasn't cooperating, melt it in a large stock pot. I reused plastic tubs...
  5. Stacy

    "Ruth" bath bomb press

    My Google-Fu tells me that what you have there seems to be a marzipan press. As I don't know much about Marzipan presses or German...that's about the only assistance I can lend you. Marzipanpresse Marzipan-press / Presse à moussepain Art.-No. 2001 Grundgerät für alle Marzipanformen mit „PRESS...
  6. Stacy

    Canadian Import Petition

    If you're on eBay you probably already know about this, but if not it may interest you. eBay is starting a petition that is of interest to anyone who imports supplies (or anything else really). In short, the minimum you can import before paying duty is $20. This number was set three decades...
  7. Stacy

    Giant Panda vs. Snowman...Enjoy!

    :smalltree: Happy Holidays! :smalltree:
  8. Stacy

    Impulse sealer stopped working

    I hate it when new stuff breaks. At least it's an easy and fairly inexpensive fix even if the timing is inconvenient. Glad you figured it out!
  9. Stacy

    Impulse sealer stopped working

    Quick googles get me to here to help diagnose what might be the issue (it could be so many things) I hope that helps get you on track to figuring out what it may be...
  10. Stacy

    Soap related humor & MEMES with soap on their mind

    I saw this and thought of you all because no one else around here can quite appreciate the humor ;) I just had to change the relevant word... I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
  11. Stacy

    Folded essential oils

    Sorry for the delayed reply, it's been an insane couple of weeks! This is exactly what I was asking, sorry I wasn't clearer. I don't bother with citrus in CP as I haven't had any luck at all either.
  12. Stacy

    Folded essential oils

    Looking for some advice if any has experience with folded EOs. I have a recipe I make with a lemon and Lime EO. In my most recent order I switched over to a 5x folded Lemon EO. Are folded oils generally used in the same amounts as other oils? Thanks as always!
  13. Stacy

    Acrylic planer/beveler

    I was asking about this exact thing not too long ago ( I ended up getting the soap making resource one and I'm very happy with it!
  14. Stacy

    Advice: buying computer

    What I recommend for people who want no hassles is Dell. Some people have horror stories about customer service, but I never had an issue. I get my laptops from them (I build my own if it's a desktop). For the most part it's a good deal and the warranties and tech support can be very helpful...
  15. Stacy

    Soapmaker 3 help please

    TeresaT > That's exactly why I went to 1:1 as well, now with the water discount amounts I can soap at full water or less without having to do too much mental math which is exhausting! :wink: penelopejane > Basically you are one step away from doing a master batch of lye though! :) If you had a...
  16. Stacy

    Individual soap boxes

    Not sure of the size you're looking for but it sounds like a chocolate or candy box would work.
  17. Stacy

    Soapmaker 3 help please

    Again, I am by no means an expert here, but if we all put our heads together maybe we'll get a better understanding of the whole thing :) How I understand it is this. SM3 defaults to a full water calculation. For example I have a rose FO that I use and that's full water because I am not a...
  18. Stacy

    Soapmaker 3 help please

    I don't really use soapcalc so I can't say for sure, but I did plug one of my recipes in to see what it said. I use 178g of 1:1 lye solution in this recipe and soapcalc called for 90g each of water and lye. So pretty close there. I also use 102g of extra water and I couldn't find a place for...
  19. Stacy

    Soapmaker 3 help please

    It's completely up to you. The way I work, each variation would be a new recipe. There's no other way for me to keep the variations straight. I quickly learned that while I think I might remember what I did with a specific batch, I really don't! When I was working on lotions I think I was up to...
  20. Stacy

    To the Lip Balm Gurus...

    Not a problem at all! I was aware of the whole tempering issue, but there cannot be too many reminders when approaching something new ;-) Besides if someone else finds this topic in the future it may help them too. Once again thanks to everyone for the tips. The glossiness from the different...