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  1. Jenn Lee

    A Few Good Soaps

    I've been making soap for a little over a year now. So I thought I would post some of my creations. Still learning A LOT, so while the soaps usually work well, they don't always look as pretty as I imagine they will. Technique, technique, technique! Love the SoapMakingForum! As soon as I'm...
  2. Jenn Lee

    Bourbon & Fig Bar

    Morning All! I wanted to share a picture of some CP soap I made last weekend. I really like how the colors turned out and, currently, it smells great. I wanted to try a soap with no Olive Oil (OO) so I subbed Rice Bran Oil and put in a lot of butters to try and make a hard, creamy bar...
  3. Jenn Lee

    Help making beautiful swirls in CP soap

    Good morning all! I have been making cp soap for about 6 months now and it's definitely got me hooked! Every time I try to make swirls I fail in some form or fashion. I've read about starting at a lower temperatures, with a very thin trace, making sure to only use EO/FOs that do not...
  4. Jenn Lee

    Creating a Co-wash

    Hello! I had a question on creating a co-wash for my hair. I currently use New Wash which is absolutely amazing and even more expensive. It's the first co-wash I have used on my very long hair and I don't think I could go back to using regular shampoo anymore. But, I also don't really want...
  5. Jenn Lee

    Fragrance & Essential Oil Supplies

    I recently started making soap - mmm - 6 months ago. I have been stocking up on my supplies of fragrance and essential oils. I wanted to point out one which I do not particularly care for and ask about one that I haven't tried much of their stuff. First, Mel's Candles FOs. I like their...
  6. Jenn Lee

    Looking for Ashwagandha Essential Oil

    I'm looking to purchase Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) Essential Oil for making a very special soap. Does anyone have any ideas on where I could get this? What I want is the scent of the oil for a soap. If I can't find the essential oil, is there any way to get the scent of this into a bar of...