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  1. Momsta5

    The word association game

  2. Momsta5

    So what are YOUR soapy secrets?

    My family tells me I look like the guy from Breaking Bad when I soap. I have big goggles on, a mask over my nose and mouth, long yellow gloves, an ugly long sleeved flannel shirt (worn backwards), long pants and old shoes. This is my soap uniform. I love treasure hunting for soap stuff at...
  3. Momsta5

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Purchased some wood pieces to modify my regular mold. I need a smaller sized bar for a graduation party favor. Used full aloe vera juice with some sugar, added green clay, turmeric and chlorella for color (match school colors), EO blends "Fresh" and "Relax" that I found at target of all places...
  4. Momsta5

    Pet Soap

    For my mom's dog I do an all organic HP vegan soap (olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, castor,palm, if I have it I'll add shea) with no oats because she is an itchy, allergic and yeasty girl. I infuse my olive oil with calendula, plantain and chamomile. I add a few drops of lavender and cedarwood...
  5. Momsta5

    What do you do when you can't soap?

    Gigi your loom is awesome! :clap: Thank you so much for sharing this. My poor college student daughter is addicted to weaving (took a textiles class as a requirement and fell in love) and this will help her to build a loom. When I can't soap I write, sometimes I sew and I keep a tiny...
  6. Momsta5

    The word association game

  7. Momsta5

    Some of my recent Winter Soaps

    Great soaps, my fave is #2.
  8. Momsta5

    Christmas soaps

    I think the star anise is really pretty. The individual holly and trees are very cute, perfect stocking stuffers.
  9. Momsta5

    A two pour landscape and what looks like china

    Both bars are gorgeous but my favorite is the landscape. It really is beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.
  10. Momsta5

    Drop swirl - Christmas soap

    Really like the soap!
  11. Momsta5

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Created a much needed batch of laundry soap. Used an unscented lard soap that I'd made a few weeks ago. Made HP shampoo bars scented with lavender, sage and cedarwood and used some infused olive oil. Then I made a goat & oat milk body bar (had a moment of panic when the milk/lye solution...
  12. Momsta5

    What if your preferred soap thickness?

    I like one inch. I would love a multi-bar cutter! Until I can get one I use a bread slicer to help me keep the bars a uniform size. I aim for 4oz bars.
  13. Momsta5

    The word association game

  14. Momsta5

    The word association game

  15. Momsta5

    A soapy experiment, input needed

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your suggestions. Will rely primarily on zap and time from here on out.
  16. Momsta5

    A soapy experiment, input needed

    Hello all, Today I tested my last batch of CP soap to see if it could be used. Since I share soap with family I wanted to make sure it was ready. It had stopped dropping weight. First I cut to the center of a bar. It is still a little soft in the center/outside is nice and hard. Observed no...
  17. Momsta5

    Game of Thrones Soap

    These are terrific, my GOT addicted daughter is salivating.
  18. Momsta5

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    While cleaning a cabinet in the bathroom I discovered a bag of the first or second HP soap that I ever made. Still white, a few DOS. Was mostly a coconut oil recipe so I thought Laundry Soap! My kitchen is a disaster and my soap solution won't stay blended BUT it smells really, really good and I...
  19. Momsta5

    Fall is for soaping!

    Love your soaps and wishing we had your weather!
  20. Momsta5

    Ladies and Gentleman...

    Gorgeous soap!