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    Making a Whipped Soap?

    Hello! My husband is going to buy me a few new ingredients for formulating and I’ve decided I finally want to make a wash off product! I’ve been wanting to make a whipped soap but I’m a bit confused as to how? I’ve seen several different tutorials, however, everyone seems to do use different...
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    Fragrance Fixatives?

    Hello! I’ve recently ventured into making body butters! Everything about them is great expect for the fact that the scent never lasts :( I’ve tried different types fragrance oils, but to be fair they all are from Amazon (which is where I get all of my ingredients) so maybe they’re just low...
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    Working with Petroleum Jelly

    I wanna work with petroleum jelly to make a lip balm/lip scrub, however, I can never find it in any recipes… I’m a bit nervous about trying it out? Is is difficult to work with? Is it dangerous when heated to a certain temperature? Orr is it just an offset of the “clean beauty” movement? I’ve...
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    Stirring Beeswax

    Hello, I attempted to make a body salve with Cera Bellina yesterday. Everything went smoothly until to end where I took it off the stove and attempted to stir it. A soon as I begun to stir, a portion of the salve instantly went hard and flakes appeared. The recipe says that the mixture should...
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    Sugar Scrub Preservative Oil or Water Soluble? PH Activity?

    I’ve been reading a bit about preservatives for sugar scrubs and I’m a bit confused about the type of preservative I should use. I’m torn between using either an oil soluble or water soluble preservative. It’s an anhydrous product so my first thought was to use an oil soluble preservative, and...
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    Can I use Vaseline in a solid lip balm?

    I wanted to follow this simple standard formula for making a lip balm: 20% Beeswax 25% Butters/Oils that are solid at room temperature. These butters are on the soft side. 15% Butters that are hard at room temperature. These butters are on the brittle side. 40% Oils that are liquid at room...
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    Stearic Acid makes Lip Balm Gritty?

    Hello all, today I attempted to make this lip balm recipe: Lemon Rose Lip Balm Heated phase 3g | 15% cera bellina (USA / Canada) 2g | 10% stearic acid 1g | 5% rose wax 12.85g | 64.25% sweet almond oil Cool down phase 0.1g | 0.5% Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada) 0.05g | 0.25% lemon essential oil...
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    Inexpensive Silicone Alternatives?

    Hello, I’m looking to add a silicone or a silicone alternative to my emulsified body Butter. I literally love the way it feels on the skin and don’t want to change the recipe, I just wanna add a tiny bit a silicone to make it a bit less draggy. I’ve been looking on Swift’s website for silicone...
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    Lotions Melting?

    I’m a bit confused about the heat stability of lotions. I know that heat can compromise the stability of a lotion due to the oil/water molecules having more energy to separate, but what about melting? If I put a butter with a lower melting point, say Shea butter, in the lotion, and the lotion...
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    Cationic or Non Ionic wax for emulsified body scrub?

    Hello, Im thinking about making an emulsified body scrub and I’m deciding weather I should use a cationic or non ionic emulsifying wax. I like the conditioning properties of a cationic scrub, but I’m afraid that since they stick to the skin, the dead skin cells that I’m exfoliating while using...
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    A way around heating and holding?

    Hello. I plan on making a lotion using a cold emulsifier, however, even though I don’t need to heat and hold for emulsion stability, I’m worried about the bacteria in the water phase. If I use fresh and unopened distilled water, with no other items that would typically go in a heated water phase...
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    Phthalates vs Phthalate free?

    I want to buy a few new fragrance oils and am considering going the phthalate free route. Do phthalate free fragrances perform inferiorly or can they measure up? Are phthalates even that bad for the skin?
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    Best Vendord for Sweet/Dessert Fragarences?

    Hello, I’m a newbie to soap making and recently got into it as a hobby during the quarantine, specifically the melt and pour process. Previously, I was just using essentials oils around my house as fragarence but now I want to start buying morefragarence oils for my soap bars. I really like...