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  1. Iseleigh

    suggestions for dog soap

    I'm looking at making a bar shampoo for dogs that will be hard but also make good amount of lather to get down to the skin on double-coated breeds and help remove loose hair. I have a 6 month old Boxer/Heeler/Something/Something Else who wound up with a double coat and he sheds like crazy. So...
  2. Iseleigh

    burlap and jute in CP soap

    I'm wanting to make a mechanic's scrubby bar for friends/family as Christmas gifts and was trying to think of different things to add besides something like poppy seeds or pumice. I got to thinking that both burlap and jute are scrubby and maybe those might work but the lye might eat them up...
  3. Iseleigh

    Spicy Apples and Peaches FO source?

    I've been looking everywhere for Spicy Apples and Peaches SKIN SAFE FO, and am having a really hard time finding it! I know VA Candle carries it (where I got my original test bottle) but I've heard they cut their oils and they're not offering local pickup for orders, and I'm not paying someone...
  4. Iseleigh

    Flavor oils in CP soap?

    I did some looking through the forums and Google searches but didn't find an answer to whether flavor oils (like Lor Ann) can be used in soap. People seem to use them in everything else though. If it's safe to eat it should be skin safe correct? Just make sure there is no alcohol in whatever is...
  5. Iseleigh

    Knock off blue emu cream

    I had a severe injury to my right knee several years ago and it is now starting to flare to the point I'm having trouble walking. Had xrays done today and there's no sign of abnormalities, which means it's a ligament issue. As bad as my knee hurts sometimes (I've got a high pain threshold, so...
  6. Iseleigh

    Question about safety of EO's and scent sources

    I'm trying to work out a scent blend for several Appalachian themed soaps (CP, for Halloween) and after poking around on this forum a bit I found this thread ( that mentions a few oils I had planned on using. I guess it...
  7. Iseleigh

    Kind of new to soap, have a couple questions

    I'm fairly familiar with soap making and using, but also know that soapcalc is only kind of a guideline and the true values may not always be as the calculations say, especially if you're using liquids other than water and other additives. I've done some research into the oils and...
  8. Iseleigh

    Hello from TN!

    Hi, I've made a few soaps over the last few years but am still very new to it. I've made some decent soaps, a couple awesome ones, and a few that didn't turn out so great. Don't know why I didn't join a soaping forum sooner. I'm excited to now be part of this community an start learning from...