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  1. CookbookChef

    Dr. Bronner's Olive Fatty Acid? Do I Need This?

    I was reading a Listing on Ebay for Dr. Bronner's Soap. I was reading the ingredients along with the listing itself that Dr. Bronner's uses something called Olive Fatty Acid, says that they Superfat their soap with this. They go on to say that this Olive Fatty Acid ensures that there is no free...
  2. CookbookChef

    Regulation POLICE!! And what they ACTUALLY will do!

    Hi, I was pondering something today after reading over several posts about getting the language right on the packaging. And then it occurred to me, "what exactly will the Regulation Police do if I get my wording wrong on any soap and skincare packaging I create and sell?". I mean, Ya, I am new...
  3. CookbookChef

    Amount of liquid Dish-washing soap to be used per Load of Dishes

    Hello, I noticed that when a container of commercial liquid dish-washing soap is bought and used, I only need one simple squirt to do a whole load of dishes. Nice Bubbles, and pretty clear looking dishwater overall. I noticed that when I make my Homemade from Scratch Liquid Dish-washing Soap, I...
  4. CookbookChef

    Is doing M&P Cheating? Like a Box Cake Mix?

    I was having a discussion at a local craft fair with fellow soap makers. On the left side of the room they had a stand up with M&P Soaps, Lovely indeed...But the Price they listed was exactly the same price as the Cold Process Soap stand right next to them. The Cold Process Soap people felt...
  5. CookbookChef

    Hi, Trying to say hello again, the right way

    Hello, I am not sure if I said my Hello to everyone in the right spot, or if I did it wrong or what. I was in hopes of meeting some of you and didnt get a single reply, so, I figure I must of posted wrong. Ok, here I go. I am here to learn EVERYTHING to learn about Soap. I want to make Bar...