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  1. elurah

    A groovy patchouli soap

    Here is a Dark Patchouli soap I made 5/1/2020 with a 6 color spin swirl: The colorant usage rate below: 1) White - no colorant, just the soap base (SAO, OO, Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil) 2) Light Pink - Rose Clay 1/4 tsp ppo [ per pound of oils] 3) Dark pink - Rose Clay 1...
  2. elurah

    Lavender and Heavy Cream; indigo drop swirl.

    I made this soap 3/31/2020, and was able to cut it 4/1/2020 after 18 hours in the mold. I was originally planning to have one thin line of indigo in the middle that was made from a drop swirl, but I ended making more of the blue part than needed o_O. I still really like the way it came out...
  3. elurah

    oh no the zaps

    On what day do you usually do the zap test? Honestly, I usually do it on the day of unmolding and cutting,24 hours after pouring my soaps and I usually don't have a problem, until today. (dun dun dun) Here is the recipe: Sweet Almond Oil 17.1 oz (25%) Coconut Oil 76 15.05oz (22%) Shea Butter...
  4. elurah

    Zany's Faux Seawater in other recipes

    Hi all, I was really intrigued by Zany's faux seawater with sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, and I am wondering if folks have used this in any non-castille/bastille recipes. I am always looking for new ways to boost lather/cut down on sliminess in milder, low cleansing # bars. I am...
  5. elurah

    Spin swirl is my favorite swirl

    aka. I don't really know how to do any others ;) I really want to try a Taiwan Ghost swirl once I figure out the eo blend for it.
  6. elurah

    Armoise Mugwort in Soap

    Hi all, I got armoise mugwort (artemisia alba) from NDA and I am really excited to use it in a blend:computerbath: Per IFRA max is 1% in Soap. I am terrible at describing scents but it smells very green and a bit spicy, with a lingering sweetness. Kind of like if you chewed on the stem of a...
  7. elurah

    Brainstorming: Experiences with Preservatives, Antioxidants, and Chelating agents in Soap

    Hi all, Discussion in another thread concerning DOS prompted my interest in additives that reduce the risk of fatty acid oxidation and rancidity in soap. This paper mentions different combinations including ROE +EDTA and BHT + Sodium...
  8. elurah

    How much DOS is too much DOS?

    Hi lovely Soapers, I wanted to reach out about the DOS. I have three 4 oz bars out of about 15lbs of soap that have one DOS mark. They are from different batches, all made 1+ year ago. They were not next to each other. They were handled by hand without gloves. They are stored on a glass...
  9. elurah

    CP durable Monoi Tiare-type FO

    Hello everyone! I would love to gather opinions on the various Monoi Tiare/Tahitian Gardenia FOs that are available and how they perform and stick in CP. My mom loves the flower infused coconut oil, so much so that she never uses it, just sniffs the bottle. It would be nice to make her a...
  10. elurah

    Hi Soapers!

    :bunny: Hi everyone! I have been lurking here for a bit and I have really loved how active and helpful everyone is. I realized I really should start posting and contributing myself. I am on and off active on the dish forum and even participated in a soap swap once. my username there is...