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  1. Sammi_552

    Wax Tart

    Scented with Jasmine EO. Next time I won't fill the molds so full!
  2. Sammi_552

    A guy's way of thinking!

    My husband just said to me, "Ya know those soap on a rope things? Why don't ya make soap on a bungee cord so you can wash your legs and it will just spring right back up at ya? Stick with me baby and we'll go places." All I can imagine is black eyes and bloody/broken noses from soap zippy...
  3. Sammi_552

    Coconut Battle

    I was at the grocery store and a stack of coconuts caught my eye. In my dreamy, soap-making haze I purchased one. It sat on my kitchen counter for a week taunting me as I contemplated how I was going to get the goods out of it. First, I drained the water by screwing a wine bottle opener in...
  4. Sammi_552

    Has anybody heard from R&R?

    I'm worried about her. I hope she received good news today.
  5. Sammi_552

    Paying It Forward

    I've been blessed with the support of the members here and would like to pay it forward by giving 2 forum members a $30.00 gift certificate to Peak Candle Supply to try out their sale on a 10 pack FO sampler (expires April 2nd @ midnight & by using code SAMPLEMANIA13) or whatever you would like...
  6. Sammi_552

    Column Mold

    I have the 3-piece column mold from BB. The first time I used it I put a piece of freezer paper on the end cap and managed to push the end cap onto the column. It was a bear getting the end cap back off. Thank you, Hubby! For my second try, I decided to leave the freezer paper off the end cap...
  7. Sammi_552

    Pomegranate in Olive Oil

    Has anybody taken the seeds out of a pomegranate, put them in olive oil, and stick blended the bejeepers out of it? I did and then strained it. The smell is just wonderful but I'm not sure if it will stay after the lye. Does anybody know? Thank you!