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  1. rdc1978

    Soap fail - what went wrong??

    My soap has these weird cracks and kinda crumbles in it. I'm not sure why because I think there are a few possible culprits. 1. Heat to force gel phase - Since I soap at a fairly low temperature, I normally put my mold on a cookie sheet, put a cardboard box over the mold and wrap it in an...
  2. rdc1978

    Soap cutter

    I'm interested in buying a soap cutter, but I'd like one that a) is the best value, b) somewhat reasonably priced and c) works. I purchased one like this and I'm a little frustrated because the walls aren't high enough to accommodate the loaves that come out of my mold. But maybe it...
  3. rdc1978


    I keep getting ants in my pants and trying to do swirls are emulsification and the colors all bleed together. I know better! What is wrong with me? Arghhhhh!!!!!!!! That was a rhetorical question. I just had to vent :(
  4. rdc1978

    Loofah soap

    I want to do a loofah CP soap (in a Pringles can). I have three, what I hope are simple questions. 1. Should my batter be at thin trace or thick trace? I watched a soaping 101 video and she did her soap at medium/thick trace, but that seems counterintuitive and reading some of the posts on...
  5. rdc1978

    Getting from emulsion to very light trace

    I think I finally figured out how to get my soap batter to emulsion. I figured it would be easier just to do all soap swirl designs from there, but it's been a bit of a problem. I tried to do a cosmic swirl technique where you color layer three different colors and then pour it into a loaf...
  6. rdc1978

    Have I reached gel phase? What should I do now?

    Since I soap at a fairly low temperature, I wanted to force my soap to go through gel phase. I covered my mold with an inverted box and fully wrapped the whole thing in a heating blanket set at high so that the whole soap mold would have hear coming from every angle. I covered the electric...
  7. rdc1978

    Gardenia essential oil

    When I first started soapmaking, the book I used only had recipes with essential oils, but I figured you could just swap out essential oils, and with all the confidence in the world I purchased some fairly pricey gardenia essential oil in the hopes of making a gardenia cp soap with it. After...
  8. rdc1978

    Electric blanket for gel phase

    Allo, Ive seen a few threads on this topic, but nothing super recent. I live in northern California and I want to do soap swirls so I've been soaping at a fairly low temperature and so I think that even covering the mold in a regular blanket may not be helping because the temperature of the...
  9. rdc1978

    Batch of questions from a newbie!

    Hi, I have a bunch of questions and so I thought I'd put them all here and hope for the best Good recipe for swirls? - I have been using a soap recipe from soaping 101 which is slow moving, but I worry it might take FOREVER to harden and cure - it's basically 25% coconut oil, 68% olive oil and...
  10. rdc1978

    Can I save this lard soap?

    I made a batch of lard soap and technically, I think the soap came out okay. It's a nice consistency after curing for four weeks. The problem is that, when I smell it there is a weird, kinda stale lard undertone to it. When I made the soap initially, I kinda panicked because it REALLY...
  11. rdc1978

    Embossed silicone mat recommendations

    Hello, I'd like to try making a batch of soap with an embossed silicone mat in a slab mold. I'm looking for something similar to what Anne Marie uses in this video I've been all over the interwebs and cannot find anything that has a recessed pattern like this so that the beautiful...
  12. rdc1978

    New member from NorCal!

    Hello, Happy to have found this forum! I love soapmaking though I don't always think it loves me back! I hope you will all be patient with me and I generally have a out 10 billion questions.