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  1. scrubadubdub

    Dupe Type Fragrances: Mention the "Compare to..." or No?

    So...I am ready to begin selling my soaps. One of my biggest challenges so far is what to name my soaps. I am a fan of "type" or "compare to" fragrances for my soaps. What I want to know is, how do most of you handle this? Do you put on your label "Compare to < fragrance> from <brand>" and name...
  2. scrubadubdub

    Fragrance Oil Supplier - Try Before you Buy?

    It might sound crazy...but I am tired of going out on a whim and ordering scents based off of the website description. I would gladly pay for a service that sends me different FOs to try without the commitment of buying. Anyone know of such a thing? Im also tired of buying FOs that perform...
  3. scrubadubdub

    Titanium Dioxide Spots...Ugh

    This was my first attempt at a tiger stripe pattern. I liked the way the stripes came out but the TD spots and drag marks are so disappointing! I even put it in a coffee grinder before mixing into sweet almond oil and that still didn’t help. I have since switched to TD from another supplier, and...
  4. scrubadubdub

    Coffee Butter from Brambleberry and

    Hello fellow soapmakers! I am new here, this is my first thread - yay! Anway, I want to make a coffee soap using coffee butter from I use for every recipe because it is the most in-depth lye calculator I've found thus far. However, "coffee butter" is not listed on...