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  1. JonQ

    Pine Tar & Neem Oil CP Recipe

    I recently made a batch of Pine Tar soap using the following recipe. 60% Olive Oil 20% Coconut Oil 5% Castor Oil 15% Pine Tar I also added Activated Charcoal and I was very pleased with the results. I would like to make another small batch and introduce Neem Oil. My thought was 10% Pine Tar and...
  2. JonQ

    Pairing Oakmoss Essential Oil

    I was looking over the Complete Guide to Essential Oils A to Z on Wikibooks and I noticed Oakmoss EO as a Base. I enjoy earthy tones both in color and in smell. I ordered some Oakmoss 100% EO and I'm looking forward to making a test CP batch and pairing it with Bergamot and Fir Needle, Pine...
  3. JonQ

    Spanish Verbena Essential Oil

    I would like to use Spanish Verbena EO in my cold process soap. Does anyone know how much I can use per pound? I can't seem to find it on any charts. Thks, JQ
  4. JonQ

    Sage in CP soap

    Has anyone used Dalmatian Sage in their soap? Did it increase trace or color the soap in any adverse way. Also, please let me know what EO blends you had success with. Thanks!
  5. JonQ

    CP Soap with Dalmatian Sage

    Looking for a great EO combo using dalmatian sage for my CP soap. I would appreciate any recipes that worked out great for you.