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    Saltbar Soap

    I like adding a bit of sugar toward the end of emulsification. I like adding powdered coconut milk and powdered goat milk at the same time. I take a 15% lye discount and use 7% unrefined Shea in my recipe too. The added fat from the two powdered milks adds to the fating of the recipe. Paul
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    Where to buy labels?

    We by all our labels from Online Labels, for about a year now. I ditto the qualety of products and great pricing! :)
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    Favorite mold?

    Thanks Sharon! :D I'm always "around the corner" somewhere. 8) :lol:
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    Favorite mold?

    Henry Ford, Ford Motors, progressed or we would all still drive black Model T's. :)
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    Is rapeseed oil canola?

    Here is the answer to your question. ... ed_oil.htm I try to keep my Canola Oil at 9% or less. Some feel it can lead to DOS if more is used. Paul
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    goats milk soap

    Starting with my master-batched recipe and 50% lye solution mix, all at room temperature, I wait to add my GM/CM slurry until light trace. This way, the lye and oils are starting to saponify and there is less active lye; it has been neutralized partially by the fats, thus, less chance of...
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    Forum Ranks

    LOL Love the creative ideas for levels of posting though! Paul :wink:
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    Oatmeal soap help

    I use the same oats as you do, IrishLass. I buy mine at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter. They are located in the dry baby food area. I like making oat-milk out of these also. Paul :wink:
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    Wonderful 1lb lemongrass batch

    Great job Ian. Congratulations! Lets see that 15" log mold in use, too.
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    GM Soapers...

    Full gel for me. I put the top on some others, like florals and hot FO's, I leave the top off. I want the soap to gel and encourage it. I do after gel, cool the log as fast as I can by turning 2 fans on it. I add powdered sugar to my batches also. Gelling is for me. :wink: Paul :wink:
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    How to figure how much oil for mold.

    You're quite welcome. :) SMM :wink:
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    Can't get the soap out of Paul's wooden Tog Mold...HELP!!

    Sorry, if you had contacted me at Etsy or in a PM here or a e-mail, this would be resolved allready. How long have you had this mold? Please send me a PM or e-mail me. I take care of any problems that my customers have. There are other soap mold makers who have issues, and I know most of...
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    Ordered soap bevler

    You should have it first of the week. Thanks everyone. I have been gone for a while from posting here, as you know I am busy with my TOG shop and other new endeavors. Let me know when you get it. It works great! Paul
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    My New Soap Cutter

    Very nice. Congratulations to you. Paul
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    Me & My TOGS

    Uh, you bet! I have shipped many times to AU. Ask Becky a member here who has had at least 2 TOG shipments sent "Down Under" to "Down Under" from your point of view. LOL As the they say; No problem mate! :wink: SMM
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    I'm stepping down...

    Thanks guys. I'll still be a member here, just not a moderator. I may not get to post as much as I once did, but, I'll try to as much as time allows. :) Paul
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    Beveled edges or not?

    Yup, and still make and sell a lot of those. :) ... d=19474319 Thanks Carebear. Paul
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    What Breed of Pet do You have?

    We have a male small Yorkie, and a female Yorkie. Christmas Eve, Eve, Shianne had 5 puppies. Our new Yorkie puppies;
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    CP cutting

    I wait a few days after unmolding to cut with my multi wire cutter. SMM
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    Beveled edges or not?

    Incarnation....OK.... :) Here is my new incarnation of a beveler and bar planer; ... d=19463241 Paul: AKA SMM Soapmaker Man