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    Rehab the hair (or how to get away from lye based shampoo)?

    I use a shampoo bar & always rinse with vinegar. I love it!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Soap craziness!!!!! Well a couple of weeks ago I made some soap & tweaked came out very light & crumbly. It's soft, luxurious, but it is crumbs! Any ideas on what I can use soap crumbs for? I was thinking of making laundry soap, but that is only 1/3 cup of soap per 2 gallons of soap so...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I'm doing my taxes then making soap!!!
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    Browsing soap pics

    Awesome soaps everyone...they are amazing!
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    when you have an emergency mold situation....

    It's amazing what we do when we have a little extra soap! Great job!
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    April SMF Soap Challenge, Hanger Swirl Petra Style

    Great video! Love the outcome!!
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    So fed up with my soaps...

    I find that using a stick blender brings soap to trace so fast...35 years ago I used a wooden stick, it sometimes took a couple of hours! I have been using the stick blender for just a few seconds, then manually stirring. It keeps the soap much thinner & pouring is much better. When I was almost...
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    latest tallow soaps

    Here is my latest tallow & olive oil soap!
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    Testing Extra Virgin vs Pomace Olive Oil

    I too have experienced much faster trace with pomace oil in place of evo or oo. I just use the stick blender much less, maybe just a couple of bursts & then stir for a few minutes just to be able to work with it. It really helps to stir more than stick blend.
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    Avocado oil: It`s official, I`m sold!

    I really like superfating with avocado oil. I use a soap calculator with 0% super fating, then figure how much I need for the superfating and add it after trace so the avocado oil doesn't have much of a chance to be taken up with the lye.
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    First Tallow Soap

    Beautiful! I too used to make it that way 35 years ago!!! I just made tallow soap on March 19, 2016 so it is now curing. I hope to post pictures of it tomorrow. tallow makes such a nice hard bar. I did color it & scent my recent batch. Thanks for sharing...
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    What kind of swirl is this?

    it's beautiful, & I too think there is some bleed going on...
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    Comment by 'CoolSuds' in media 'Nexus Rift'

    Love this one!!!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Thank you!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    All these cured & ready to go! Very nice & creamy...olive, palm , coconut & castor oils in all of these! So I got them photographed today!!!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I went back to my soapy roots and made a recipe from the distant I started with in the early 80's...tallow & olive oil! It makes such a hard creamy bar & I was able to cut it in 20 hours! It was still warm, that chemical reaction still going strong. It is a soap which needs to be cut...
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    back to school - simple tip from chemistry class

    Great ideas! Thanks!
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    Browsing soap pics

    These soaps are AWESOME! Why is soap so addicting?????
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    Where do we find out how many posts we have posted?
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    Comment by 'CoolSuds' in media '3 Loaves'

    @amd I had a couple of young girls helping me & they went crazy with the chopstick! Lol!