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  1. lolaM

    Whipped frosting frustration!

    made my first m & p soaps for kiddies and I had so much fun with them! (usually I only do cp) But now I’m struggling to make a little frosting for the top to use as a ‘glue’ to get my toy duckies to stick. It goes from liquid to thick melted marshmallow type disgustingness in 0-2 seconds...
  2. lolaM

    Cream/whipped soap confusion

    I’m a bit confused about the difference between the two? I’ve made the whipped cream soap paste from the ‘Humblebee & me’ site and would like to proceed to the phase of melting and whipping. Im confused as she says it’s ready to use right away after you whip it. everything else I’ve read on...
  3. lolaM

    Whipped soap paste disaster! HELP!

    OMG! What did I do? Decided to have a go at the whipped soap paste recipe here After reading about it on another post here. Following her instructions I began to add the melted lye solution to my pot of melted oils and it immediately went...
  4. lolaM

    Separated lotion! is it Garbage?

    Just tried out a new lotion recipe which was all going along swimmingly till the last minute when i split the finished (lovely looking, i might add) recipe into two batches to try 2 new fragrances and clearly this is where i buggered things up! The first batched separated BIG time! Ugh... big...
  5. lolaM

    Formulating Soap for kids

    I’m making some Cp soap for kids aged 5 and up. But got myself in a bit of a muddle looking over my various recipes and trying to modify them. I know for babies the general soapcalc rules go out the window. But what about older children? I’m imagining you still want to give them a bar high in...
  6. lolaM

    Body butter pricing?

    so im pretty much a cp soaper but occasionally make the odd lotion and body butter. Until now ive only ever made little 100ml- 150ml pots of butter for $10- $15 CAD. Now someones asking for one large jar of 1000ml and i have no idea what to charge? Ive only just recently started selling and shes...
  7. lolaM

    suspicious Tussah

    So i decided to give the whole Tussah silk thing a go and purchased what i thought was a good deal off of ebay. Now that its arrived im a little suspicious if its the real deal but having never used or seen it before i thought i would post a pic up here and see what you experienced folks think...
  8. lolaM

    Titantium dioxide replacement

    So my recent order of Titanium dioxide seems to have gone missing in the mail and now im stuck without anything to whiten my valentines soap. Has anyone had success lightening cp soap with Kaolin clay or white peal micca? im in a pinch and dont have a time frame or any place to shop localy so...
  9. lolaM

    face cream %

    should a face moisturiser be formulated with the same percentages as a body lotion? any help for a newbie on what the guidelines should be?