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    one failed one did not

    i recently made two soaps both have the same recipe exept one used 2% honey and one did notthe one with the honey became brittle and i could not cut it the one with out was just fine . I added the honey to the lye water and that caused the lye to heat up and just seemed like it was not going...
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    where can you find ROE and EDTA,

    I have the book scientific soap making, and they guy mentioned that DOS is caused by oxidation of metals and that preservatives such as ROE and EDTA can greatly reduce this plague in your soap . but i cant seem to find who sells them
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    Made my 1st 100% coconut oil soap

    I finally, made my 1st batch of 100% coconut oils soap,and used 0.5% lemon grass oil anchored with Vee gum T momtmorillonite clay ,and the way i used the Bentonite was, 1% and added the lemon grass to the dry powder and then added some melted coconut to thin it out and then used a 150 mesh...
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    1st time using an essential oil

    I just made my 1st 2bl batch of soap using some Lemon grass essential oil . my formula is 260g of infused olive oil,infused with fennel& rosemary ,97.5g beef tallow,97.5shea butter, 97.5g coconut oil,and 32.5g grollig china clay, 52g of Mahavire potash feldspar,and 13g honey, with a 4% lye...
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    Terracotta red ,Paprika infused

    I took about 1cup of Olive oil and 2 table spoons of Paprika and heated it and cooled it over 4 daysand got a good color in the oil and used it to make the folowing % of 650 gram batch. wich perfectly fills a 2lb mold 40%=260g olive oil infused with 2 table spoons of paprika, 30% beef...
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    using Wisconsin red granite& VeeGum T in my soap

    I lost my pottery business dew to the mandate. and now am making soap .I use to mill up a granite from Wisconsin Called the Wisconsin Red Granite. its has a very nice red color .i used it for making pottery glazes so i had some on hand . I prepare it by heating the stone to red heat in oxidation...
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    another Pine sap soap test

    I used white pine sap , not pine tar, I only used 5% pine sap and i infused it into the olive oil with a dubble pot steem kettle, all but the tiny pieces of bark disolved, and the oil smelled like pine , I used 8% georgia kaolin. then some olive oil , and tallow,and some coconut oil i used a...
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    Pine sap soap

    I made some pine sap soap. Using sap from a Scott pine tree, I did an oil infusion with Olive oil and melted about 50% of the sap the rest was hard and would only disolve with rubbing alcohol, i did not not include that in the soap so the olive oil had a nice pine scent to it . i used 60 %...
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    making caraway soap with no seeds in it

    I did not like the way the seeds felt in the soap. so i made a tea 1st and used the tea to make up the water in the soap , smells good but not as strong. i used 1 table spoon in a 500g oil 400 oliveand 100 coconut. with 37.5 kaolin grams. did the hot processes
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    Caraway seed soap new try

    This time i used 400golive oil, 100g coconut oil, 37.5g of New Zealand Haloysite clay , and 1 table spoon of caraway seed ground up . and one teaspoon of Molasses. and when i added up the SAP values of the oils it said i needed 72.3g of Naoh but i subtracted 5%for 68.7 g of sodium lye and i did...
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    Can you add molasses to get suds , i would use hot processes

    I have heard you can add honey , sugar, but how about Molasses?
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    New to soap making

    Hi my name is Gunnar rasmussen 57 years old , I make pottery, namely celadons . i am bran new to soap making, but i am fascinated with the processes, and am on my 5th batch. I like that i can use clay in it , and that i have more control over what kind of soap i have . would love to be...
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    Bentonite & ball clay soap test "

    O,K feel free to correct me , I wanted to try bentonite and a ball clay called black charm in a soap formula. i used 450g olive oil 50g of coconut oil, 65.62 Naoh 5% ball clay and 5g of bentonite, I had to thin the bentoniteand let the black sand in it settle out and poor off the fines, and...
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    Kaolin &Caraway seed soap test

    I have 500g of oils I used 400g olive, 100g lard, 1table spoon of caraway seed, 50 grams of New zealand haloysite clay, wich works out to 9% of the mix i did a 3.5% lye reduction and a 2.5 to one lyethat is water to lye, I took all the oils & clayand seed and mixed themn into the oil, then...
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    10% kaolin soap

    made this last night , using 400g olive oil,50g coconut oil, 50g lard. 2 to one water to lye. mixed 50g of New zeland haloysite clay in the water and lye, and mixed as normal , got trace , then vasaline stage and into the mold, drying on rack now