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    Latest Success using Salting-Out

    About two years ago I posted a thread on salting out: I'm now reporting my latest success story, using this technique. In essence, what I did this time was the same as what I reported before. However, this batch of that muck oil had...
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    Evergreen frangrance?

    I'm probably a maverick when it comes to soapmaking, but I see no point in spending big bucks on ingredients for soap. My soap is made from grease drippings, used cooking oil, or worse! (I'd make my own lye, but don't burn enough wood to make it practical.) So when the latest batch smelled...
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    My procedure for salting out

    Four years ago I posted a question here about salting out soap, which was received with some confusion. I now have reached the point where I have mastered salting out to my own satisfaction. I will describe my procedure, not because I think it original or in any way better than any other, but...
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    Too much lye? - A safe pH indicator from your kitchen

    Those of you who took Chem 1 will remember phenothalein, brom thymol blue, etc., which are used to measure approximate pH of a solution. Most of these are synthetic dyes with some significant toxicity. So to have a pH indicator that is not only non-toxic, but edible, is good to know. Years...
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    Procedure for saltint out?

    I've been making my own soap for a few years now. This is for my use only, from waste grease and oil. It's ugly to look at but very good soap. Recently I read about "salting out" soap, and tried it. The procedure I used was to grate the bar soap, dissolve it in minimum water, mixing to...