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  1. Nanditasr

    Soy lecithin safe for lotion for dogs?

    The vet has recommended aloe vera gel and coconut oil for the dog's skin itch and scabs. Of course, the two don't mix unless I use an emulsifier. I am hesitant to use emulsifying wax since he may try to lick it off. I have used soy lecithin for my own lotions and am rather happy with the feel of...
  2. Nanditasr

    Is emulsifying wax NF safe for a baby lotion or face lotion?

    In both cases, there is a chance of the e-wax being ingested in very small quantities. If it's not safe, what are the alternatives?
  3. Nanditasr

    Insects eating my soap?

    I left one of my soaps out near the outdoor sink (in a soap dish). Just to make sure it didn't get rained on and soggy, I covered it with a pot with small holes. Two days later, when I looked for the soap, it was gone -- and the pot was intact! It had not even rained in between. Since the pot...
  4. Nanditasr

    How to prevent soap from going soggy?

    So, now that it's the monsoon season, I have peculiar problem. All my bar soaps (the ones on the drying racks), were wonderfully dry all these days -- from last November to this April. Now that the rains have begun (and will persist until October!), the soaps have turned soft and moist. For...
  5. Nanditasr

    Making glycerin from scratch

    So I thought I'd make some glycerin, in order to apply all over the body -- while the co-created soap could serve as a dish bar. I tried it with just palmolein. I followed the recipe and directions given at I made 3/4 of the recipe given there...
  6. Nanditasr

    Gelatin or hair protein in bar soap?

    I have read about gelatin being good on the skin (and it adds a lot of bounce to my hair), so I started to wonder if anyone has used gelatin in bar soap. Besides, I don't have easy access to lard or tallow or suet, so I am hoping that the addition of this animal protein to an otherwise vegan...
  7. Nanditasr

    Analysis of this laundry soap with ammonia and borax?

    After reading the thread, I started looking for laundry soap recipes, and I came across this one at "Grandma Herald's Laundry bar Soap 8lb batch 64oz lard 8oz...
  8. Nanditasr

    Not so new, but an intro all the same

    I've been posting off and on, but I figured I should still introduce myself! I'm Nandita from Bangalore, India. I try hard to live as green and chemical-free as possible, which is why I started making soap (and my own deodorant, body lotion and toothpaste). I do all this for a hobby. I am a...
  9. Nanditasr

    Adding liquids at trace

    Newbie here -- I've made 5-6 batches of CP soap in the last 5 weeks, including a whipped one yesterday (see pic). I am looking to use locally available natural colors and fragrances -- preferably NOT essential oils, since I want to use stuff from the garden. I used crushed dried rosemary...