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    Heat shrink wrapping - complete seal or leave ends open? How much does it shrink?

    I've seen soaps packaged many different ways, some are completely sealed in plastic, some put a "band" around the soap, leaving the ends and sides open and people also use a paper/cardboard band around them as well. I'm trying to figure out the best way to wrap them and I'm leaning toward heat...
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    Making Custom soap moulds - individual cavity, oval, loaf & other shapes

    I've spent the last 8+ years studying manufacturing techniques of various industries and I've decided to make a setup tht will allow me to make a wide range of custom soap moulds (and hundreds of other things like custom interior car parts and a very wide array of other things like custom cell...
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    Sandalwood - anyone think it's worth the price?

    I'd really like to buy some sandalwood EO as it was one for the main scents of a Vera Wang cologne I had back in my college days and it was one of the only scents that wasn't some light/fruity "unisex" cologne that most all men seemed to wear. It was definitely a guys scent and the price was...
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    Using up some grapeseed oil - anyone have any recent experience with this?

    I just got a gallon of grapeseed oil (GSO) and when I looked at the properties of the soap (at 100%), it is very similar to olive oil in both fatty acids and the properties as it has a conditioning value of 87 (vs 82 for olive oil) and 12/12 for hardness & creamy vs 17/17 for olive oil...
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    Making a leather moistureizer, conditioner & rejuvenator, possibly with UV protection

    I have a number of pieces of leather that I'd really like to try some restoration to as it looks like it is cracking (not totally through), some of it is colored leather (black, grey, tan, red, brown, natural, & some others). The leather cracks and there are little "islands" of color...
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    What concentration of soap do you use for laundry soap/detergent?

    I made some pure coconut oil soap with no superfat (no need for clothing washing from my experience and it does a better job) and I'm wondering what percent (by weight) do you mix the soap with water to make a liquid laundry soap? I think I'll use KOH next time so it makes a liquid soap a...
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    New type of mold - sealed on all sides - except for very small area to pour "batter" in

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried this. imagine a kitchen drawer or desk drawer, it has a bottom and 4 sides. let's say the sides are 3.5" tall and the bottom is 24" x 18". What I want to do is place another 24" x 18" board on top and screw it onto the sides. Oh, everything inside where the...
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    New idea for soap wrapping - works for rectangular/square and oval/round

    I REALLY need to figure out a solution for this issue, and it really shouldn't be that hard. I used to print wrappers on normal paper and cut them so they would wrap around the soap and tape/glue it in the back. I did it so that some of the soap remained uncovered on either side of the...
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    Making lots of small (2-6oz) batches to test & compare recipes

    Making 20-40 batches of soap all at once with very little differences to the recipe. Fr example I would have 20-40 mixing containers (each small batch would create a 3-6oz bar of soap, each with different recipes ranging for different oil mixes/ percentages. The main differences between the...
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    Talllow based soaps, tallow users and where you get it..?

    The one thing that I have found is that no two batches of tallow are created equal when I buy it from stores. It varies in color, texture and smell. I've also found that it can greatly change the quality of the soaps I make. This is very disturbing b/c I find it to be one of the best oils for...
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    100% Coconut oil or Palm oil (or 50/50 mix) with KOH (potassium) instead of Sodiu Lye

    We all know the soap made of 100% Coconut oil (CO) or Palm oil (PO) (or maybe a combination of CO and PO) - not palm kernel oil/flakes - using sodium lye, is very hard. Most of us also know that using KOH (potassium hydroxide lye or caustic potash) leads to softer soaps, many of which will...
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    Lotion tubes - how do you seal the open end?

    I want to order some lotion tubes that can stand on the cap and are "pinched" closed on one end and sealed by heat or high frequency. The thing is I don't know if they make these tubes that don't need expensive equipment to seal the end. Does anyone know or have experience with these tubes?
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    Wanted (group buy??) Sisal soap bags & squeezable "lotion" tubes

    I've been looking all over for affordable fabric bags for putting soap bars or slices in. Ideal size is about 4" x 6" with a draw string. The prices from domestic sources are pretty outrageous for the bags I'm looking for, usually $3.50 - $5 a piece! I'm looking for 50-100 of these but most...
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    Stand up "lotion" tube with screw on cap & crimped/welded end

    The above pic is the type of product I am looking for and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. I'm looking for 2, 4, 6 and 8oz (60, 120, 180 & 240ml) containers and ATM color isn't of too much importance but price will be a factor (as they seem to be rather pricey). I see...
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    Mold growing from poppy seeds (and other seeds) - how to sterilize before making

    I just came across some castile bars that had poppy seeds which got moldy after 6 months. I poured seeds over the top of the mould after pouring the soap so there is a thick layer along the top of the bar. This is where the mold grew thickest as there is relatively little anywhere else in the...
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    Tropical Scent - stand alone scent or blends - opinions & recommendations?

    When it comes to tropical scents I am somewhat at a loss as what to choose or pick. I have a few people who have requested "tropical" but IDK what that means. I know that I want a good coconut and after reading many threads here my head is spinning when it comes to this scent. I've heard...
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    Is this totally messed up or not?

    I was thinking of my childhood for some reason and I started remembering some of the worst days of K-8th grade. This day was when the class (25-30) kids would be called as a group to the nurse for a "physical". We would sit on the floor and one by one the kids were called up alphabetically and...
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    Beta testing soaps (individual recipes) - when to pass to production?

    Well I have put in a fair amount of time and effort into learning how my soaps will act as they age and mature (early issues with massive DOS attacks spurred my testing) and have 40 recipes (many are variations on a handful of recipes) I've tested and I have to say it is quite amazing how much...
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    Not so much recipe as shap of soap. Would this sell?

    Some soaps I have no intention of selling while others I may. I haven't made any soaps of the moulds that would make this shape (It's 3" PVC pipe with part of side cut off) That is going to be the size of the soap should I use the mould as-is. The reason I am curious is I found about 250 ft...
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    Strange happening - 1:3 (soap:water - tried to make liquid laundry soap) turned hard

    So I took 250g soap and 750g of water - mixed until dissolved. Put in fridge to see what would happen. Turned into a white block of soap and stayed that way at room temp. Put in oven on warm (~170) and went back to liquid. Soap was 100% PKO with a 38% water content & 0% SF - water used was...