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    Wholesaling and Trademarks

    Hello everyone, We are now being contacted by international companies (mostly in china) who are asking to be wholesalers for us. They are asking for samples of product (our products are not cheap but more middle or road and up) and they are requiring us to be trademarked internationally. I...
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    boxes - packaging

    Has anyone used a company that produces the boxes for each individual product? thank you Van
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    Straight up Advertising

    Hello, We recently upgraded our product line after having what I would consider "better than anticipated" first year in business. We have not spent one penny on advertising yet. My goal for 2014 is learn advertising on multiple platforms (google shopping, bing and amazon). Can anyone suggest a...
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    Is anyone selling on Amazon?

    We are looking to sell on amazon shortly and looking for those already selling there. I looked at this briefly before and remember then asking for upc number, etc. Thanks in advance for anyone info.
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    Just labels (not printing) in custom color

    Hello, Has anyone used online label company just for blank label sheets on background color of our choice. We have local print company who will do printing but just looking for sheets of labels in color we want to go with. I checked with onlinelabels but they only sell in pre-determined...
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    Opinions Needed Please - Logo Design

    Hello, I need opinions on these two logo designs. This is for natural cosmetic company. Target market is female age group: 18-35. Products are priced middle-to-middle/upper. Here is the question to ask yourself: Which logo is more professional, trustworthy and more likely you would...
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    Gift Boxes for Holidays

    hello, Our customers are asking us to offer gift boxes for holidays. We also thought it was time to offer that. Goal is to create low cost professional looking gift box (without adding to much to our cost-per-product). Our initial thought was just to find gift boxes at dollar store but...
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    What commission rate do you pay your reps?

    We have been growing our company mostly online and sales have tripled last few months. We are being approached by customers and non-customers to sell our products. Some are even asking to become partners but we are not considering that at moment. This is our first time creating sales team and we...
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    Our first craft show within two weeks

    Our products are soaps, face, body & eye creams, Body Scrub bars, creamsticks, lipsticks, lip balms, mineral makeup and more fun stuff. 1) We are still putting plan together to deal with heat over the summer. We are thinking of buying few large (square/flat) ice packs that we will lay on...
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    Vendor license in NJ

    Hello Everyone, We are anticipating setting up table at local markets in NJ for the Spring & Summer. Next year our goal is to set up booth at tradeshows in NY (but thats another story). Does anyone have experience setting up table in New Jersey. Its for soap & natural cosmetic (100%...
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    Vendor is saying no MSG...we think it might be

    Hello everyone. We are considering purchasing natural flavor/scents for our natural handmade products (mostly skin care). On a vendors website we see the following ingredient listed "protein hydrolysate". When contacting the company they assure us there is no MSG in these products. However...
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    body cream too greasy

    We are testing a body cream with ingredients from Bramble Berry. Ingredients are Avacado & Mango butter, Meadowfoam oil, green tea extract, lemon grass essential oil, dry flo and olive oil. It feels bit greesy going on so we are suggesting (to our :D ) using it as night cream...
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    Still testing but getting alot of interest

    Hello, I am new to soap/lotion making. Read two books (The Soap makers companion, The everything soapmaking book). I have biotech degree in vietnam now US resident. Our product line consist of: soap, lip balm, bath bombs, lotions, scrubs (basically i want to make everything handmade)...