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    Dragon's Blood

    I haven't received an invoice or a way to pay yer. Did I miss a step or something that I was supposed to do to trigger getting a invoice?
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    Troubleshooting: lye spots on ebru

    Hello all, I haven't had a chance to post yet (I was traveling for work), but I had this problem with several of the Ebru soaps I attempted I suspect that in attempting to keep from over blending, I may not have blended enough - but I figured the knowledgeable folks on this forum would be a...
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    SMF March 2017 Challenge- Black Background Soaps

    1.) earlene - Fun, and thank you for posting the challenge early! 2.) dibbles - Had to miss last month and happy to be Back in Black 3.) toxikon - Officially hooked on challenges, bring it on! 4.) Mx6inpenn 5.) BattleGnome - almost perfect for the scent combo I was thinking about using 6.)...
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    February 2017 SMF Soap Challenge- Ebru Soaps

    I had never done anything like it before either - but the video tutorials that were included in the initial posting were EXTREMELY helpful. The DNA swirl, while looking super complicated, was actually one of the easiest swirls I've tried so far! :) Even though the competition is over, I would...
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    February 2017 SMF Challenge Entry Thread- Ebru Soaps

    Actually made from leftover batter from my last day-lily attempt. Came out the cleanest looking so far. DNA swirl in a loaf mold (slab thickness for the batter, as per instructions). Stainless steel chopstick for swirling. Colors were mostly micas from NS. Scent was NS Uluru Type. I'm...
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    February 2017 SMF Soap Challenge- Ebru Soaps

    Reattempt at day-lilies. Didn't drop the beaker, but I tried to fix some mistakes and it made things worse. Oh well! Still soap. :) Used up some leftover batter, and instead of doing a DNA swirl I decided to try something different. It turned to mud. Whoops!
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    Dragon's Blood

    So sorry to hear about all this! Try to remember to take care of yourself first (easier said than done, I know). Good luck with everything.
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    February 2017 SMF Soap Challenge- Ebru Soaps

    Things definitely did not go as planned for me. A combination of trembling hands (hyperthyroid) and natural born clumsiness did not work well. First attempt was waves. The lines were too heavy, I wasn't methodical enough with the swirling with the chopstick, combined with trembling hands. It...
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    February 2017 SMF Soap Challenge- Ebru Soaps

    Thanks, Newbie! I'm definitely the newb in this scenario - I appreciate your guidance. :) 1. Soapprentice- it's never too early to try. 2. toxikon - first challenge, woo! 3. earlene - I've been wanting to try this 4. Newbie- infinite options lead to soap overload and much fun. 5...
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    February 2017 SMF Soap Challenge- Ebru Soaps

    Generally I'm most comfortable as a lurker, but I actually have enough minimum posts to be eligible to participate this time! I would love to give it a "s-whirl"! ;)
  11. L Fragrance oil

    It looks like some products have reviews and others don't. An awfully ugly website, so it was easy to miss, but it is below the Add to Cart button. Example:
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    Test Batches for 40% Lard Recipe

    The overall pink is actually from Liquid Cherry Colorant, and the darker pink is some of the already-pink batter mixed with additional Ultramarine Pink Oxide I'm curious to see if 5% of the other oils will make a difference as well - I've seen mixed things from different folks on the forum...
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    Test Batches for 40% Lard Recipe

    The lavender is about a month old at this point, and from testing a sliver I can see the bubbles are already big and it already feels nice on the hands. I think I may be a lard-lover now! :) I can't wait to see how how they feel after a proper cure. I've used meadowfoam in soap before (I like...
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    Test Batches for 40% Lard Recipe

    Totally forgot that this section of the forum existed (I generally just read the forum via the "New Posts" link) - I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. :-P Realized it makes more sense to post my photo here instead of as a reply on my original recipe feedback post. I was testing out...
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    A few soaps

    LOVE the stamp, LOVE the skull embeds!!
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    Yep, Soaped to long when...

    My fiance made a similar suggestion last time we traveled. "Um... no?" :roll:
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    Comment by 'leilaninoel' in media 'Raspberry Cake'

    WOW! That looks literally good enough to eat.
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    Comment by 'leilaninoel' in media 'Violet Cake'

    Your piping is gorgeous! Love the look of it cut in the other photo as well.
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    learning update, Lard recipe feedback?

    OK, so I finally finished my tests with the 40% Lard recipe. The upside to my fiance encouraging me to sell is that he approved me setting up a "soap room", as well as buying some equipment to go along with the supplies I purchased. Reading posts on the forum also inspired me to masterbatch my...
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    Plagiarism and swiftcraft monkey blog

    >:( despicable