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    What is the hardest soap you have ever made?

    What is the hardest and long lasting soap you have ever made? This is just a “what-does-this-button-do” type of a question. I thinking to make a small batch of the hardest soap I possibly can just to see how it behaves in comparison to what SoapCalc gives me. Any tips/ideas?
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    Room temperature soaping

    I used 95% olive oil pomace and 5% castor. No EO or FO. I thought about it quite a lot. I am thinking I may have had a false trace coupled with a lack of patience 🤷‍♀️
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    Refined palm oil?

    I was at the store today and saw refined palm oil. It is packaged in a plastic bottle and it was in liquid form. Has anyone soaped with this type of oil? I have used palm oil in the past but it was solid state. 🤷‍♀️
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    Room temperature soaping

    Update: I got antsy and just had to try room temperature method for castille. Lye and oils were at 35-40C. Nope! It does not work! 😢 ended up with a caustic mess. Had to HP to save the batch. Got frustrated. My family will have to deal with some unsightly looking soap blobs in a little while 🤣
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    Coffee soap

    I want to make coffee soap next weekend. I looooooove coffee in soap 🥰 This time I want to skip the EOs. Is there a way to make the coffee scent come through in the final product? Not enough for the soap to have a decent scent. I am looking for just a little whiff so the final product is not...
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    Room temperature soaping

    I read on the internet about room temperature soaping method. This method is news to me. I have always done either CP or HP. Apparently you add lye water solution to your hard oils. The heat melts the oils. Once they are nice and melted - you add the soft oils. Has anyone tried this? How did it...
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    olive pulp soap?

    Has anyone tried using olive pulp in bar soap? I was just reading about moroccan soap which sounds just lovely but I dont have KOH just NaOH. I also dont have fresh olive pulp just the store bought canned olives. Has anyone tried using those? Any thoughts on this matter?
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    Are FO's making me sick?

    my horrible experience with EOs was a while ago. I make soap which I sell. For a while I made small batches, 2lbs a day. That was just the mold I had at the time. So I made one small batch per day to keep up. It was annoying but whatever. I love the smell of EOs and I was soaping in a well...
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    Are FO's making me sick?

    FOs can defenetly make you sick! If you ever plan on using EOs - you can expect the same thing. Ask me how I know ;) you can get away with not having a mask for small batches, but it is a must for larger batches. I look like Walter White in season 4. I respect the knowledge of doctors but I am...
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    Are Goat Milk Soaps Prone To Ash?

    All soap is prone to soap ash... From what I can figure its more related to the air than the soap. When I soap in my workshop in the city I almost always have soap ash. But when I do it at the workshop in the mountains ( we have a ranch really high up and secluded ) I almost never have ash. Its...
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    Rebatching question

    I am just going with confetty soap idea. I cant risk the heat with the EOs. And the last time I tried the ziplock bag method the bag melted. I will just play it safe with this one. Thanks guys !
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    American Flag soap fragrance oil recommendations

    i like apple pie for this... As the saying says "as American as apple pie" Apple pie is not an American invention but whatever, it works :D
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    Rebatching question

    I fully expect the answer to my question be NO but still I always think someone somewhere outhere has figured something new and might be willing to share... Is there a rebatch method without a lot of heat? Like soaking the shreads in warm water? The thing is that I have about 2.5 lbs od soap...
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    tallow question

    I render my own tallow. It has a bit of a nutty scent. I have a very sensitive nose and there is no scent in the final completely unscented 100% tallow soap. Tallow in soap is wonderful. Its hard, lasts forever and has nice creamy lather.
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    please help...freaking out over here

    Now that I think about it - it was thin trace! So lack of emulsification...hmm...interesting... Lye solution was 2:1 water:lye. Thank you so much! I feel calmer now.
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    Scenting the unscented baby soap

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions :) I see a lot has happened in this thread since I last visited! LoL!
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    please help...freaking out over here

    I just had the scariest soaping experience yet and I can not figure out what went wrong!!! Please help! I have been making and selling soap for ages so this was my nth batch. Same recipe same eo same procedure its always been. I made the batch. Everything looked fine. Actually it looked...
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    Scenting the unscented baby soap

    I am making olive oil soap which by itself has no scent at all in the cured soap. I dont want for it to have a particular or recognizable scent like you can recognize chamomile or cinnamon. I would call it an aroma. I want to include an additive so you can say, hmmm this has something in it...
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    Making own essential oils

    Wow! Five pounds for one oz of oil and that is high yeilding plants. I have newfound respect for the makers of EOs. Would you happen to know how long does the process take?
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    Scenting the unscented baby soap

    I am making baby soap and I want it unscented meaning not EO or FO. I would like to have just a faint hint of something. It doesnt have to be recognisable. Just not completely unscented. Which additives would give unscented soap this kind of very mild scent? For example, I love the way cinnamon...